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Electrical stimulation of the human body can be applied to restore bodily functions. Notable examples are auditory and visual prostheses to make the deaf hear and the blind see, and functional electrical stimulation to make the limp walk. It can be used for diagnosis (e.g., electromyography). Also, electrical stimulation can be used to treat (mental) illnesses (electrotherapy). Lastly, it can be the cause of injuries (e.g., due to a lightning strike).

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Why does an electric shock contract the muscle?

From what I understand, the electrical impulse in our nerve cells is not made of electrons, but of ions that move from different environments with different concentrations, which is totally not ...
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Why does an electrical shock freeze up muscles?

Why is it when someone comes into contact with an electrical supply that their body freezes up and is unable to move away from the electrical source? Can someone explain this through a physiological ...
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Why can humans feel electricity?

What evolutionary process has provided humans with the ability of feeling electric current? Besides lightning and electric eel, what natural hazards include electricity that poses a threat to humans?
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What dangers would the wireless transmission of power through microwaves pose to living organisms?

If we were one day able to harness the power of "wireless electricity", and INTEGRATE it into society, what disadvantages and/or dangers to living organisms would become relevant at that point? To my ...
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