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Questions tagged [electrical-stimulation]

Electrical stimulation of the human body can be applied to restore bodily functions. Notable examples are auditory and visual prostheses to make the deaf hear and the blind see, and functional electrical stimulation to make the limp walk. It can be used for diagnosis (e.g., electromyography). Also, electrical stimulation can be used to treat (mental) illnesses (electrotherapy). Lastly, it can be the cause of injuries (e.g., due to a lightning strike).

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What is the death mechanism of an electrocuted Mosquito?

While using the Electric bat, does the mosquito get killed by primary electrocution, or it secondarily by burning?
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How can I simulate heart electrical activity in a 2D plane?

I am not a biologist/medical student, I study software engineering. But I really like when medicine and engineering hold their hands together to achieve great things. As a side/toy project, I was ...
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What causes metallic tastes when you receive electric shocks

Whenever I receive small electric charges (most often by, e.g. touching the jack of a plugged in charging cable, or the casing of a charging Apple device), I experience a very distinctive taste in my ...
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Are there any detrimental effects to long term electrical muscle stimulation?

I know that different types of electrical stimulation can be used in fields such as physical therapy to get muscles to contract. However, these electrical stimulation sessions are not prolonged and ...
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How does current delivered by a neural stimulator propagate in the brain?

I have been trying to find good literature on how a stimulus current propagates through a medium that contains both gray and white matter (like the brain). Is it safe to assume that a current will ...
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Stroke research question - has there been research in mirroring muscle electrical signals from a good limb to the bad one?

Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation is an established tool to help stroke victims recover use of a paralyzed limb by engaging neuroplasticity. Has anyone here heard of research where you wear ...
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Effect of opposing electric charges on cells

Is the affect on a cell between two negatively charged plates theoretically similar to between a positively and negatively charged plate? In other words, would it induce charges on the inside and ...
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Electrically facilitated active transport across a membrane

I'm trying to go back to school to do a PhD in control theory, specifically concerned with control of glucose. The glucose system can be controlled using two chemicals: insulin and glucagon. I was ...
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