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This tag is for questions about the origin and history of word form and meaning. The [terminology] tag should be used when asking strictly about the meaning or usage of a term. The [nomenclature] tag should be used when simply asking about the naming of species and not the origin of those names.

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Why plant tissues end in -enchyma?

Many plant tissue types end in the affix -enchyma. Etymology: enkhyma "infusion," from en- "in" + khein "to pour" Examples are parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma....
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What does "molecular" mean in the context of anatomy, for example the molecular layer of cerebral cortex

The first apical layer of the cerebral cortex is also called as the molecular layer, I could not find the exact reason of the naming. What I found: Molecular alongside its primary meaning in ...
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Gorgonopsid--What's In a Name?

The Gorgon--a terrifying, monstrous female with hairs made of live snakes and a stare so horrifying that it would literally turn you to stone. The Gorgonopsid--a predatory protomammal that hunted ...
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How do we determine what we call "flexion" and what we call "extension"?

Question: How did we determine which motion to call "flexion" and which to call "extension" with regard to the wrist and the neck? Background: Just to set the stage, I'm not asking ...
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What does "Pandercetes" (genus of spiders) mean?

"Pandercetes" is a taxonomic genus, and refers to certain Huntsman spiders (found in Australia/Asia). It was named by Koch, a German entomologist, in 1875. What does the name itself mean or ...
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Why and who: named some fish "bashers" (African electrofish taxon "stonebasher")

Folklore question for itinerant elephantfish/electrofish experts happening to see this:Is any stonebasher fish named for a behavior related to bashing... something or some part of its anatomy against ...
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Etymology of eccentric/concentric contractions

I was wondering if anyone knew why the terms eccentric and concentric were chosen to refer to lengthening and shortening muscle contractions? The basic etymology of the words are to do with ...
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