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Superbugs in eusocial animals

I am not a biologist, and I'm interested in eusocial animals, and the porous habitats in which they live. I know few facts about diseases in these animals: I know some interesting instances of viruses,...
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Are there any eusocial swarms which act prosocially?

My layman’s observations of eusocial colonies (like ants) is that while individual ants are extremely cooperative, different swarms in aggregate tend to act aggressively towards other swarms. Are ...
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Are there mammalian species in which the male makes no contribution after coitus?

It seems that live bearing is very high cost relative to egg laying. Therefore, I would expect that in a live bearing species the male would always have a post coital role. Is this the case?
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Did mammals evolve from something with eusociality?

Eusociality (from Greek εὖ eu "good" and social), the highest level of organization of sociality, is defined by the following characteristics: cooperative brood care (including care of ...
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Would wasps ever give up on defending their nest against live threat that ignores them?

When I accidentally disturbed a wasps' nest, it was an unpleasant experience. They got everywhere - under my clothes, in my hair etc. However, in the aftermath - since I'm not allergic to their ...
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E.O. Wilson on sociobiology and the origin of morality

Somewhere in E.O Wilson's writing, he discusses how human values are rooted in our nature as a specific kind of animal. He argues that we have an identifiable optimal living place -- a grove at the ...
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Haplodiploid species that are not eusocial

Haplodiploid species need not necessarily be eusocial and eusocial species need not be haplodiploid (reference). Everywhere I look its been mentioned in general terms that some species of bees, ...
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