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Questions tagged [evo-devo]

The study of evolutionary developmental biology.

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In the transition to multicellularity what function becomes specialized first?

It's my understanding that in the transition from single celled to multi-celled organism a lineage will transition between stages where existing in a colony of cells is optional to one where it is ...
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System biology and evolution: Book-recommendations

I have relatively good knowledge in evolutionary biology and in population genetics. I am getting more and more interested in the evolution of ... genetic developmental processes gene interactions ...
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How do scientists create specific mutations?

Suppose I want to create a mutant like Antennapaedia how will I go about accomplishing it ? I know that radiation and certain chemicals are mutagenic. So do scientists subject animals to such ...
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Cytoplasmic determinants in amphibians

If cytoplasmic determinants are distributed before fertilisation then how can an amphibian's embryo, whose dorsal side is determined after fertilisation develop ?
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Which X-Y chromosomes have the developmental genes for mammals?

I know that for a given mammal, half the chromosomes come from father and half from mother. This is typically denoted as x-y. I've recently read about "toolkit" genes that control how a cell develops ...
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Are there more descriptive ways of naming genes and gene interactions?

I couldn't help but notice just how non-descriptive the gene names that modern genetics is using. Currently I'm reading "The new science of Evo Devo" by Sean B. Carroll and here are some examples of ...
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