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Molecules secreted by cells to provide structural support and biochemical support.

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How much extracellular matrix is there in the human body?

I just found out that there is an extracellular matrix. I had imagined that the tissues, organs, and the whole body was a bone skeleton with cells attached to the bones and to each other. I imagined ...
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Collagen, are fibrils arranged in overlapping fashion too just like tropocollagen?

Collagen molecules (tropocollagen) are interlinked into fibrils, with a banded structure showing the spaces ("lacunae") between the molecules. Do fibrils in turn also interlink in a similar ...
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Could biofilms float and survive in the sulfuric acid clouds of Venus?

The atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, 3.5% nitrogen, and traces of other gases, most notably sulfur dioxide. The main cloud deck is located in the 48-70 km altitude range and is ...
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What do white blood cells do with FOREIGN white blood cells?

White blood cells or leukocytes are known to fight invaders, infections or basically anything foreign. They also contain DNA (while red blood cells don't). But what about foreign "white blood cells" ...
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How can one measure the effect of a stem cell's matrix on the progeny of that stem cell?

A number of recent papers that have used hydrogels to alter the ECM of mesenchymal stem cells to quicken their development to cells used specifically for cartilage or really any other type of cell. ...
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Estimating RPM to RCF in Methods from Older Papers

I'm attempting to replicate a cell biology method from a 1958 Laboratory Investigation paper. The protocol is for the isolation of an extracellular matrix protein, and a key step is a centrifugation ...
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Does trypsin strip flask coating?

Mammalian cell/tissue cultures sometimes require flasks coated with proteins. My uneducated guess is that these proteins mimic the ECM, perhaps the basal lamina, so finicky contact-dependent cells can ...
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Which cells are responsible for the extracellular matrix remodeling?

I am studying a case of tendinopathies induced by an alteration of how the extracellular matrix is being remodeled. From my understanding there has to be a careful balance of MMP (metallproteinases) ...
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