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What is the highest known trophic level for a consumer?

Or rather, what's the longest known food chain between a producer and an apex predator? I've found a few similar questions and answers online, but none of the questions clarified some of the nuances ...
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Does 1kg of lettuce have more energy than 1kg of beef?

Given that each trophic level of the food chain has a decrease of 90% of available energy, would it be fair to say that 1kg of lettuce has more energy than 1kg of beef? If it's not true, can you ...
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What do decomposers eat if they break down complex substances and make it available for producers?

I have a doubt for which I haven't found the exact answer. Decomposers break down complex substances into simpler substances and make it available for producers. But what does decomposers get (or eat) ...
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Why aren't native predators in Australia able to handle the mice problem?

Australia is currently dealing with a mouse infestation problem, but Australia is awash with different types of predators that presumably eat lots of mice like animals. Snakes in particular are well ...
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Violation of Conservation of energy In food chain?

Food chains use a unidirectional transfer of energy. Plants absorb energy from the sun, then the energy goes on to next tropic level and so on. But in this system, energy source is the Sun. ...
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In the context of heterotrophic theory of abiogenesis, what is an organism that eats other organisms called?

In the heterotrophic theory for the origin of life, we imagine a primordial soup that is rich in organic compounds and the first organisms emerge eating those compounds. Since these organic compounds ...
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Is cannibalism part of mainstream food-chain?

There are some species who sometimes eat their own kinds. Is this cannibalism considered their regular food? Do the link in food-chain for those animals make a loop on themselves? Can this statement: ...
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Why are there so many species of large predator on the African savanna?

On the tropical grasslands of Africa, there are loads of large carnivores. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs are all found, sometimes, in the same place. I was wondering, why is it that ...
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Recommendation for book about soil and their food webs

Are there any de facto books for studying soil biology; specifically with details in the context of food webs? I am trying to teach myself about the subject and would like a good introductory book, ...
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How do communities relate to food webs?

I am a biology student who has just completed drawing a food web for class. As I was making it, I learned that a food web is the sum of all feeding interactions. My teacher associated food webs with ...
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Based on this diagram, how do you deduce the keystone species? [closed]

How would you figure out what the keystone species is in the following textbook question? (questions 1 and 2 at the bottom of the image) Based on my knowledge, a keystone species helps to maintain ...
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Why do carnivores evolve?

If humans can live without consuming other animals, then why do we do it? From a biological point of view, why do we eat meat? I would also extend the question to other animals because many animals ...
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Are there species that occupy several roles in the food hierarchy?

Are there species that occupy several roles in the food hierarchy? By role, I am referring to producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, quaternary consumer and so on. ...
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How can omnivores be in more than one trophic level?

I'm learning about the ecosystem and its relation to organisms, So organisms in a food chain can be put from producers to tertiary organisms. I just don't get the part where an organism can be labeled ...
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