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Does an old growth forest ecosystem produce more oxygen than it consumes?

I would like to consider an old growth forest ecosystem such as a large part of the Amazonian forest. It is common to refer to such beautiful forests as a source of oxygen for the world. For example, ...
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Do trees in a forest generally grow in a lattice formation?

The closest arrangement of trees in which they are at least a certain distance away from each other is a triangular lattice, much like a honeycomb. I wonder if you tend to see this sort of arrangement ...
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Calculating basal area per acre from variable radius plots

I have a variable-radius forest inventory that contains diameter at breast height (DBH) and basal area factor (BAF) data for each tree. I'd like to calculate the basal area per acre, but since the ...
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How fast could the Amazon rainforest regrow after deforestation?

We hear a lot about clear-cutting of the Amazon rainforest and how that affects climate change. However, are there any studies on how fast areas of rainforest can regrow or the ecosystem can recover ...
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What is the total mass of leaves on an 'average' mid-latitude deciduous tree?

I know that this is a broad question as there are a very large number of different species of tree with all manner of profiles, height, leaf sizes, etc. My ultimate goal is to estimate the total mass ...
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Why do some trees hold their leaves through fall and winter?

Why do some species of oak (Quercus spp.) retain their leaves through fall and winter? I've found that these leaves are called marcescent leaves. There must be some benefit that the tree gains from ...
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Giant inflatable laboratory in the jungle. How to find it?

When I was a child (circa year 2000), I watched a documentary (in English) about some biologists doing research about jungle (perhaps Amazon). The biologists lived in a base which was a huge ...
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