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What are the $2^{23}$ combinations in gamete fusion?

According to my textbook, when two human gametes fuse, there's $2^{23}$ different combinations of chromosomes, but I don't see how that is. The chromosomes are homologous, so they don't have any ...
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Considering Two Genes, Are There Only Two Possible Outcomes for the Four Gametes Produced After Meiosis, Regardless of Independent Assortment?

Is it true that for a single meiotic event when considering only two genes, there are only two possible genetic outcomes among the four gametes produced, regardless of whether the two genes are found ...
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Total number unique chromosome combinations in fertilized egg?

Assume for this calculation no recombinations or crossover . A male gamete (sperm) is haploid and has 23 chromosomes. These gametes can be selected from the father who has 2 pairs of 23 chromosomes ...
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Size ratio of Drosophila bifurca gametes and implication for the definition of sex

I recently learned that males of Drosophila bifurca species have gigantic sperm cells, 5.8 cm long and they only produce few hundred such cells during its lifetime. This made me wonder if the male ...
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How can drone bees be born from unfertilized eggs?

I am learning about Drone bees and I keep reading that they are born from unfertilized eggs. Now here is my question: if eggs are gametes and therefore reproductive cells, how can they turn into a new ...
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Why is the process of releasing gametes in females different from that of males?

In context of humans, males produce sperms, store them (for few weeks? then regeneration?) and ejaculate them "on demand" but females can not do that. Females have an almost fixed pattern of ...
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How many of the four meiotic daughter chromosomes of a homologous pair can be recombinant via crossover?

In graphics I've seen, crossing over occurs between the "inner" two chromatids in a side-by-side arrangement of two duplicated chromosomes: This suggests that only two of the four meiotic daughter ...
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Can hand sanitizer kill a fertilized human egg cell?

If you took a human egg cell that was fertilized in vitro and sprayed some hand sanitizer on it would it die?
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Fertilization of the human egg- where does our centrosome come from? [closed]

Is there a centrosome in a human egg cell? Is the reason why the egg cell remains paused before meiosis 2 because there isn't a centrosome, and it only divides when the sperm fertilizes it thus it can ...
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Can Meiosis 2 be called as mitosis?

I know Meoisis involves a reductional division and an equational division.Say if I am asked a question to find the no. of divisions an egg mother cell undergoes in a Polygonum type division to form ...
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Doesn't meiosis form two pairs of similar cells and two pairs of opposite cells?

I am learning about meiosis in biology. I've learnt that the crossing-over in metaphase I only exchanges small portions of DNA at the tips of the chromosomes. Doesn't this mean that: After meiosis I, ...
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What are allogametes? please explain [closed]

Allo means different or unrelated I guess.Please clear me the meaning with some examples.
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What is this Sacrificial Reproductive Strategy Called?

The reproductive strategy of salmon is 'suicidal'. Before breeding the males metamorph permanently into a form suited for the breeding season but unsuited for survival. The females devote so much of ...
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Why are siblings unidentical? (Which chromosome of the pair do gametes have?) [closed]

I know that a normal human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes (total: 46). On the other hand, a gamete has only 23 chromosomes. Which chromosome does the gamete choose out of each pair? And if "One of ...
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Isogametes and oogametes

I have found the following definitions of different types of gametes: isogametes: gametes looking and behaving the same; heterogametes: gametes different in size or in behaviour; oogametes: gametes ...
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Are there multicellular isogamous species?

Are there multicellular isogamous species? Seeking through the examples of wikipedia I would tend to think that there are no multicellular isogamous species.
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Which sex is homogametic in side-blotched lizards?

I'm just trying to find out whether the male side-blotched lizard is the hetero- or homogametic sex in side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana) - some reptiles are ZW system (female heterogamete) and ...
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