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Was it a mucus or a spider's web? How can a mucus look like a spider's web?

Today I found a small slug, 35-40 mm dangling on a shiny thread from a branch 175 cm above me. I thought that the slug had slid on a spider's web, so I touched it and it instantly snapped and the slug ...
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What terrestrial Gastropod (specifically snails) has the fastest reproductive rate?

I am looking to do a series of experiments to test the adaptation of snails to different environments (Controlled environments in a lab setting. No organisms would be released into the wild under any ...
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How are large snails able to climb trees?

In answers to What kind of hot pink eggs are these? and the linked duplicate I found out that snails that live in the water will climb up a smooth stick or branch to deposit their eggs. Today I saw ...
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What is this snail? (Location: Bangkok, Thailan; size: 3 cm long, 5 mm wide; color: mostly black)

What is this snail? (Location: Bangkok, Thailan; size: 3 cm long, 5 mm wide; color: mostly black) Video:
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Aquatic Snail Identification

I can’t for the life of me find an identification of these snails. They’re thriving in brackish water, but may be freshwater naturally. They’re about .8cm long at their largest. I believe they have ...
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What is this agglomeration of pink cells I found attached to a stone?

Photo taken in a garden in Singapore. The organism is attached to a stone, close to water. Many of these were there. Size approx 3cm. The shell of this eggs is very soft. When touched, a pink ...
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What's the relationship between snail movement and rain?

I have a question about the relationship between snail and rain. A few days ago I found snail shells in a moist area and I brought them in for crafts work (I thought they were empty because snail ...
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What are these four large snails doing?

Hiking in some hills near Taipei after a rain, I saw lots of large snails out and about. Here "large" means the shells are say 8 cm long, and the snail itself fully stretched out 10 to 15 cm perhaps. ...
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Snail species identification from the United Kingdom

Can anybody identify the species of this snail? From this website, it looks like a Common Snail. Could it be the dextral type of Cornu aspersum? These snails have been found in a garden, have ...
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