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What happens to the second strand in single-stranded / prime editing?

Articles about ’prime’ CRISPR editing generally state that a major advantage is that it only affects one strand… …But what happens to the second, complementary strand of the genome? Doesn’t it have ...
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Can several genes be edited at once and what is the name of that procedure?

In general, if there are multiple genes of interests, or edits at multiple points along a large gene are desired, can several edits done at once (or as many as is possible while minimizing off-target ...
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When does the Cas9 nuclease stop?

If I understand correctly, the steps of gene editing with CRISPR-Cas9 are roughly as follows Cas9 nuclease and guide RNA form a complex. Cas9+guide RNA complex scans genomic DNA and recognizes the ...
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Limits of gene editing

I was reading some articles about CRISPR and the world of gene editing, but then a lot of questions for which I couldn't find any answer online came into my mind. Those are all about how far can we ...
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Gene knockdown vs gene knockout vs knocksideways? [closed]

How are the techniques: Knock-sideways, knockout & knock-down different?
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Can the activity of a specific gene in a cell artficially be increased?

While there are many gene regulation mechanisms from the cell itself, I was wondering whether it is possible to increase the gene activity in a living cell permanently (so that the protein that it ...
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Is it possible to reduce maturity time of plants with biotechnology?

I've heard of speed breeding which makes use of optimal circumstances in glasshouses and growth chambers. Is it also possible to shorten a plant's maturity time (i.e. the time it needs from being ...
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How to design a permanent vaccine to cholera using CRISPR?

I know that Vibrio Cholerae infects the body through the GM1 ganglioside. So, would it be possible to engineer a CRISPR gene editing tool to prevent Vibrio Cholerae from getting into our cells? ...
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DNA described somewhere?

This is not purely biological question but how do the companies making DNA analysis know what your DNA means? Is there some database describing human DNA? I watched some documents about DNA, gene ...
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Is it possible to detect whether an organism has been gene edited (by humans)?

Is it possible to detect whether an organism has been gene edited? For example, if someone gene-edits a human embryo (e.g., as He Jiankui did last year), can one later detect whether the human has ...
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