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Questions tagged [gene-therapy]

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Condition for a genetically modified group of cell to remain and to spread?

I was wondering: when a treatment modifies a group of gene (like in gene therapy), what makes a group of cell remains? I mean, when a cell divide itself to create new ones, if a cell was initially ...
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In vivo delivery of ssDNA

I am looking for a system with which I can deliver (large quantities of) ssDNA in vivo (say in mice). I do not know whether it is of importance but the 5' end of the ssDNA fragments are assumed to be ...
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Can an injection of unipotent stem cells cause teratoma?

I understand that injecting pluripotent stem cells causes formation of teratomas. Does injecting unipotent stem cells also cause teratoma? If it does not form teratoma, is the injection of unipotent ...
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Databases medicine and therapy - animal & human studies, technology readiness level

I am looking for some universal databases that would offer information about drugs and therapies currently in development. The area of interest is mostly cell and gene therapy. I am looking for ...
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Can In Vivo Gene Therapy Cause allorecognition/Rejection?

Organ rejection from organ transplants is least common when donors and receivers are genetically related; As I understand it, this is because the antigens on the surface of the cells of the donated ...
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