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The basic unit of heredity which encodes some functional RNA or protein.

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Do men and women have the same number of genes?

As far as I know, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, each one which contains a particular amount of genes. But in the "last" pair, men have a XY pair chromosome, and women have a XX pair chromosome. ...
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Genes and Intelligence

Assuming that intelligence has a genetic component, • do we know which genes contribute to it? and, if so, • can we predict intelligence from genomic analysis?
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Gene and alleles

This is a multiple choice question: Consider a gene, ABC, which codes for an enzyme involved in the metabolism of sugars. There are two known alleles of this gene, ABC1 and ABC2. Which statement ...
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Interpretation of picture of human chromosomes

Does this picture show sister chromatids or homologous chromosomes? If they are homologous then what is YY? If they are sister chromatids then do homologous chromosomes ever appear like this (with the ...
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Are eukaroytic promoters located in the 5' UTR region?

I was wondering if promoter sequences are located on 5'UTR region in eukaryotic organisms?
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Do all humans have an identical nucleotide sequence for certain proteins, e.g haemoglobin?

All humans have the same sort of proteins in our bodies. Take haemoglobin for example. Is the gene coding for haemoglobin in my body identical to everyone else's gene or is there slight variations ...
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Which DNA elements belong to the definition of a gene?

I see a lot of different DNA elements mentioned as part of a gene (talking about eukaryotes): The length of DNA following the promoter is a gene and it contains the recipe for a protein. (video) ...
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How to confirm pure-breeding parents

I was reading Genetic Analysis (Sanders, Bowman) and saw the following figure summarizing the 1909 work of Herman Nilsson-Ehle in describing the genetic control of kernel color in wheat: How did ...
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Evolutionary elimination of recessive gene

As recessive gene is suppressed, why over millions of year of evolution have not wiped them away completely, why don't they just go extinct, as people with those genes go extinct?
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What exactly are genes, DNA and chromosomes. How do they relate to each other and what is their function? [closed]

So I am new to biology and I have been reading, and searching the web, but I couldn't understand the whole framework of a cell. So as I understood: A DNA, is a double chain of Nucleotides (A,T,G,C ...
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What is targeted gene disruption?

I am a bit confused about what targeted gene disruption means. I was reading this article in which they compare the Pyrococcus Furiosus genome with a genetically tractable strain P. Furiosus variant ...
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What are the causes of gene amplification in archaea?

I was studying this article about Genome Sequencing of a Genetically Tractable Pyrococcus furiosus Strain Reveals a Highly Dynamic Genome in order to try to extrapolate some features that could ...
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Are genes on the 5' to 3' strand only?

I confused myself during studying, and wanted to confirm something. Since transcription via RNA polymerases only takes place in the 5'to 3' direction, that would mean that that 5' to 3' strand is the ...
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Doubts regarding definition of upstream/downstream genes and cognate protein

With respect to the research paper, there are a few things I didn't understand: 1. What is upstream and downstream gene 2. This paper identifies proteins that help in secretion, but does not identify ...
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How to find a gene sequence?

So I need to learn how to find the sequence of a gene, polyphenoloxidase. Please do not do this for me. Tell me how to approach the problem. I have found : and ...
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IBD-value in pedigree with inbreeding

I have a question about IBD. Please see the figure below. How many pairs of alleles are IBD for X and Y, or what is the IBD value for X and Y. Is it four (4)? I have seen it to be maximally 2, but ...
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