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Can viruses be reintroduced to humans from ice sheets?

A comment on reddit mockingly say because the ice is melting away due to global warming, this new virus came out of the melted ice sheets It has 60+ upvotes and no one replied Is it possible for ...
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How Does The Presence of Livestock on Land Increase Net Methane Production?

It's a hot topic, and I've just read this article that debunks the claim I'm about to make - But even though I read it, I still don't really understand it. I'm happy to change my opinion if I ...
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How many plants or trees should one plant to take carbon dioxide from atmosphere?

I'm interested on computing things. I know that some biologists have done mathematical modelling. Has anyone took any calculations on the following? How many trees or plants should one plant such ...
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Effects of Great Pacific Garbage Patch to Phytoplankton?

I was wondering if the decrease in light received by the area comprised by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) could affect Phytoplankton enough to reduce its potential in that area as a carbon ...
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Carbon Dioxide, sea water, diatoms, and oxygen

I recently viewed a documentary called “Flying River Observed in Tallest Structure in South America, National Geographic” ( In this film, as an aside, it ...
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Can there be an equilibrium between humanity's increase of carbon dioxide output with plants since plants harness CO2?

Is it possible that, prior to hitting a thermal equilibrium in the atmosphere, the increase in CO2 that humanity puts out every year will come to an equilibrium due to the consumption by the world's ...
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Which is better adapted for global warming: deciduous or evergreen trees?

Evergreen photosynthesise for longer and don't lose their leaves all at once, whereas deciduous plants do and enter periods of hibernation during winter, among other differences (correct me if I am ...
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Do Parasaurolophus have hands with fingers to grab? I cannot tell if the hands have fingers strung together to form a hove, or fingers to grab. I have ...
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Global Acidification or Warming [closed]

Which poses the greater threat to ecology Global Ocean Acidification or Warming?
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