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Nutrient solution for the growth of eukariotic cells or bacteria. It can contain everything the cell needs for its growth (complete media) or can be incomplete (selective media) to select for cells that are able to synthesize specific nutrients.

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Can someone explain the color-changing unit (CCU) to me?

I've been physically carrying out serial tenfold dilutions on samples of Ureaplasma to work out the color-changing units (CCU). As a definition, the CCU is the highest dilution at which there is a ...
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Is there any alternative to peptone and beef or yeast extract?

I am trying to start a small microbiology project and I need a growth culture for bacteria. I do not want to use the costly nutrient agars you can buy online. I would like to create my own nutrient ...
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Prevent clumping of bacteria in my media so that I can measure turbidity?

Forgive my naivety, I'm an undergraduate Chemical Engineering student doing research this summer into growth rates of various combinations of bacterial isolates. I have about 9 isolates from a toxic ...
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Can you grow more Biomass in a brickhouse only powered by solar cells than in a greenhouse? Will we ever be able to?

So I asked following question some physicists but they couldn't really help me though: Right now I read that 1m² of solar cells generates roughly 100Watts of energy. There are really efficient ...
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Carbon dioxide concentration in alkaline media

I am running a batch experiment using penicillin bottles where I have bacteria growing for 21 days in a highly alkaline media (pH 10). I am measuring the CO2 and O2 content in the headspace over time, ...
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Cell culture media L-Glut dilution?

Cross-posted on r/labrats. I haven't done cell or tissue culture in about 4 years. Protocol: Volume: 200ml media (academia so using sparingly, not the whole 500ml bottle!) 1% L-Glut (250uM) My L-Glut ...
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What is the practical difference between SC, SD and CSM?

Is there some logic to how SC, SD and CSM yeast dropout media differ from each other? I have encountered these three formulations in Sunrise Science Products' catalog, and it appears that the ...
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What effect does L-cysteine have in a growth medium on Lactobacillus and Bombilactobacillus found in bee species?

To cultivate Lactobacillus and Bombilactobacillus species we used MRS supplemented with 2% fructose in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions and also MRS supplemented with 2% fructose and 0.1% L-...
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Relation of pH and amino acids in microtitr assay

I am testing a Biolog plate ( in which the wells test for the optimum pH at which my bacterium grows. Aside from having a range ...
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Plant tissue cultures without Phytohormones?

Is it possible to do tissue cultures without using phytohormones like BAP or NAA. So to just use for instance MS-Media. Online, I just found that every plant is possible to culture with the right ...
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Can I reuse agar in Petri dishes?

Can I simply re-melt agar in a contaminated Petri dish to use it again? I've tried searching for the answer on the Internet, but I was only able to find information about reusing Petri dishes ...
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What’s this fungus growing in supersaturated salt solution

As a hobby, I’ve been trying to “grow” crystals of from supersaturated solutions of aluminium potassium sulphate. I noticed that my solutions are also rather successful at growing a type of fungus. ...
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