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Questions tagged [growth]

In reference to a biological system over time, growth refers to the increase in physical size/mass as well as the progression through its life cycle.

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Does Acromegaly cause actual expansion of the zygomatic(cheek) bone

Acromegaly is a disorder in adults involving excess growth hormone production. Since epiphyseal fusion has already taken place in most bones of adults , this does not cause an increase in stature. ...
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Giant insects growing question

During the dinosaurs time 100-200 million years ago there were giant insects like 1 meter long. An example is here. One of the theories why they could grow this big is that oxygen level was much ...
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Is it possible to determine the initial population given the final one?

It is possible to determine the initial population of, say, bacteria given a measure at a later time? Let's say I use the logistic growth model $$\dot N (t) = rN(t)\left(1 - \frac{N(t)}{K}\right)$$ ...
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Do slime mold expand or multiply?

After reading about slime mold I was wondering, do slime mold simply expand outwards or multiply? e.g. if I put 100 grams of slime mold in 1 location, will it expand to say, 2 locations, and have the ...
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Bacterial Growth Formula

What are the units of $N$: the colonies of bacteria or the viable cell count? This is in regards to the bacterial growth formula used during serial dilutions, $$ N =N(0) e^{kt} \quad . $$
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Which plants are best for experiments about plant growth? [closed]

I was assigned writing a term paper about optimizing plant growth using control systems. This assignment is part of a class on sustainable energy usage, which means it's primarily on physics and ...
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How long to regrow hair?

This is one of the questions I wasn't exactly sure where to post. Basically, I want to make an X-Men parody, and for the part of Professor X I need to shave off my hair. Now I have a simple french ...
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scientific reasons behind a a sudden yet temporary growth sprout of the plant when the soil has No depth?

Sorry, I'm kind of naive when it comes to plant biology. Mark 4:5-6( New American Standard Bible 1995 ) 5 Other seed fell on the rocky ground where it did not have much soil; and immediately it ...
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Biology Experiment Algae pH & temperature help?

I am planning a Biology investigation for my IB IA on the impact of temperature and pH on algae growth. Does anyone have tips on how to measure the growth rate of algae? What algae is the most suited ...
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Why is cognitive maturity related to organism lifespan in larger animals and mammals?

I am not a student of biology, so I should provide some context to me asking this rudimentary question. While doing a graduate-level course on Reinforcement Learning, the instructors focused on how we ...
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Since frogs are ectotherms and supposed to have low metabolic rate, why do they grow so fast and eat so much?

It's always emphasized in literature that endothermy enables high growth rates but requires more food. But look at frogs, for example: bullfrogs, toads, pacman frogs etc. They would readily eat a ...
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Does estrogen increase muscular growth in females?

Regarding humans it is said that most psychological effects caused in men by testosterone are caused in women by estrogens. There are many studies on that, particularly regarding temporary shifts of ...
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The actual name of growth force

I see how large trees and weeds that are capable of splitting concrete, and realized that I have no idea what this phenomenon is officially called. Google was no help, suggesting root pressure, but ...
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Why do short hairs get longer with age?

I know that short hairs such as eyebrows, eyelashes, nasal hairs will stay a certain length because the lifespan of the follicle only allows them to grow to a certain length. My question is why do ...
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Auxin-what happens to the auxin chemicals if the Sun is just above the plant?

The Auxins goes to the shady side for the elongation of the cell. This moves depending on the direction of sunlight. But, what happens to the auxin chemicals if the Sun is just above the plant?
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The animal with the fastest hair growing rate

we know that human hair usually grows about 1/2 inch a month. My question is what is the species with the fastest hair growing rate? (including fur for example).
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Is any animal born adult-size?

Size growth after birth seems to be the norm in the animal kingdom (as well as among plants). This makes sense. It's evidently physically challenging for an animal to produce an offspring of its equal ...
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Alternative to Lotka Volterra

Would you guys know any kind of differential equations that would dictate population growth without relying on Lotka Volterra ? Thanks ^^
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Age until physical growth ceases, mammals

Fairly basic, but I am seeking a table showing how many years from birth it takes for the best-known mammals to stop growing. (Including the latest on humans - ie. 0-17..?).
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Per Capita Population Growth Rate and Exponential Growth. Rate constants

As many of us might know, the set up of a differential equation relating instantaneous population growth with respect to time to the per capita population growth rate and current population size at an ...
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What do bones need to grow outside the body?

In what environment outside of a living organism can bones grow? If I were to put an arbitrary human bone in a room and attach a bunch of tubes to it, or dunk it in some kind of solution, where would ...
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Do all body organs grow in proportion during the period of physical development?

It is obvious that during childhood and puberty, the human body grows uniformly or proportionally so that a child's arm length, for example, is shorter than an adult's arm length but is proportional ...
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Why does hair know when it needs to stop to grow [duplicate]

I'm still not quite sure if head hair grows endlessly, or if it stops at some point, but that's not the question. When the hair on my leg grows, it obviously doesn't grow endlessly, but it also stops ...
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What is the maximum height of a tree?

I know there exists a huge variation in the height of trees. But what is the maximum height a tree can reach? It must have something to do with the ability of the capillaries to transport life fluids ...
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Bigger animals needs bigger amount of oxygen? [closed]

Bigger animals, like Elephants, or Dinosaurs for example, are in need for more oxygen than the amount of oxygen that small animals need? (humans, dogs, cats, etc) Thanks in advance.
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