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[IAL Biology]: Struggling to understand how pH and temperature affect haemoglobins affinity for oxygen

As seen in the graph above, why do we say that increasing pH increases haemoglobins affinity for O2, but decreasing pH reduces its affinity? If the pH increases above or decreases below haemoglobins ...
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Why is arterial pO2 normal in carbon monoxide poisoning?

Arterial blood gas measurements often show that pO2 is 'normal' even though haemoglobin is bound to carbon monoxide with high affinity. Is this because there is still oxygen bound to some subunits of ...
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How to derive Hill equation (one specific part)

There is just one specific step in the derivation of the Hill equation for haemoglobin which I can't understand. Step from: $Y = \frac{(p\ce{O2})^n}{K_d + (p\ce{O2})^n}$ To: $Y = \frac{(p\ce{O2})^n}{(...
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Why is sickle cell trait expressed in half of all cells rather than all cells containing half-sickled haemoglobin

If sickle cell trait is due to be heterozygous with respect to a single gene mutation on the haemoglobin β-globin chain, why is it the case that ~50% of RBCs are sickled rather than half of the ...
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If during exercise the affinity of oxygen for haemoglobin is decreased, what are the general consequences for tissues?

During exercise more respiration occurs, and hence more oxygen is required. So the oxygen dissocation curve is shifted to the right. So at a given Oxygen partial pressure, the haemoglobin is less ...
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Effect of 2,3-bisphophoglycerate (2,3-BPG) on haemoglobin

When 2,3-bisphophoglycerate (2,3-BPG) binds to haemoglobin, a higher partial pressure of oxygen is needed to bring about 50% saturation of with oxygen. What is the physiological significance of this ...
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Why does the affinity of haemoglobin for oxygen decrease at high altitudes?

My class 12 NCERT book says, Pg 226 The body compensates low oxygen availability by increasing red blood cell production, decreasing the binding affinity of haemoglobin and by increasing breathing ...
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Why does the affinity of haemoglobin for oxygen increase at higher elevations?

Why does the affinity of haemoglobin for oxygen increase if an organism lives at a higher elevation where the oxygen pressure is lower? Wouldn’t its affinity for oxygen decrease because the acidity ...
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