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Why does Meiosis produce 4 daughter cells instead of 2? Won't splitting the initial diploid cell into two haploid cells be easier?

At first, I thought it was because of crossing-over, but when I thought more about it, that didn't seem reasonable. Why don't cells just do meiosis like this? (I know that we don't understand all the ...
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How come the role of the Apis mellifera is determined by nutrition rather than chromosomes?

Prior to making my question I browsed on similiar question such as this one but it doesn't specifically addressed my doubt in the sense that it is related with a different species and on a concept not ...
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Alleles and Ploidy [closed]

I was recently studying inheritance and variation and came across a sentence: A diploid organism can show only two alleles How is this possible?
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Long-term viability of induced parthenogenesis

Short version: Some parasitic bacteria, such as Wolbachia, cause hosts from sexually-reproducing insect species to reproduce asexually instead, with an all-female line. Sometimes, all members of the ...
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Haplodiploid species that are not eusocial

Haplodiploid species need not necessarily be eusocial and eusocial species need not be haplodiploid (reference). Everywhere I look its been mentioned in general terms that some species of bees, ...
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