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Looking for research related to burising sensitivity and rate of heeling

Are there studies/data on the potential correlation between how quickly a body heals itself and how prone to bruising the body is? I've been reading that oxygen is needed in the healing: Wounds need ...
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Can blood vessels be weakend [closed]

Lets say everyday you fall off your bike and your leg starts bleeding at the same spot everytime. Do the bloodvessels at this spot get weakend and if yes, does less blood reach your foot because the ...
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Has the human capacity to heal from burns evolved due to actual burns throughout human history?

I just burned myself while cooking, and it occurs to me that although this has happened countless times, my skin always heals itself rather well after burns. In this post I make various assumptions/...
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Why is wound contraction very slow?

I am working on mathematical model for healing of dermal wounds. For anyone who's a bit familiar with Physics and Math, for the model I use the Cauchy Momentum Equation as a basis, and from there I ...
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Why do obese people heal more slowly?

I recall an obese patient who was referred to a transplant clinic as his stitch wounds hadn't healed after a year. While there's a myriad of side effects caused by immunosuppressive medication after ...
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Can a brain dead person recover?

Many times I have heard someone having to pull the plug because the patient was declared brain dead before the body healed fully? Why do they pull the plug without first waiting till the body/brain ...
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If cells regularly renew, why do we have scars?

Question may sound bit poetic but I have a pretty basic question here: Often we get a minor wound and cells renew and quickly "cover" it. But when we have deeper wounds, often they leave behind scars. ...
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Does the body have specific mechanisms for healing burns, or is it general purpose stuff?

I burned my thumb lighting sparklers (fireworks) a few nights ago. I've been pleased with how it's healing, and have been especially impressed because it's not a scenario that really could have come ...
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Biomedical consensus on human aging and lifespan [closed]

Medical technology is improving quickly. Unless there is a global disaster and human progress is set back significantly, e.g. by an asteroid or a global nuclear war, there will come a day when humans ...
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Healing of Skin Superficial Wound

How does the body heal a skin wound without bleeding? I had a wound in which thick layer of skin was gone and which was too painful to touch. I could see the wound secreting clear liquid rather than ...
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What are necessary parameters for a tissue scaffold to be biodegradable?`

I am a mechanical engineer with little biological experience, but I have recently been looking at tissue scaffoldings. My current understanding is as follows, but may be flawed. I would appreciate ...
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Why does hypergranulation prevent the epithelialization of a wound?

I recently read about how does a wound heals. I read that when the granulation tissue protrudes out of the wound bed (proud flesh), the epithelialization cannot occur because the protruding proud ...
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Why does a wound itch while it's healing?

During healing of wound (almost in final stage) it begins to itch a lot around wound. I wondering what the reason for this is?
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Is the molecule nitric oxide responsible for healing blood vessels?

Is the molecule nitric oxide responsible for healing blood vessels? How does nitric oxide heal the blood vessels? I watched a documentary about the healing effects of nitric oxide. In the video I saw ...
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Hydrogen Peroxide on Open Wounds

I know that H2O2 is a chemical with high oxidative potential. It can deliver nascent oxygen which can destroy bacteria. I understand that open wounds have cells that are dividing at a fast rate to ...
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What limits our healing speed?

Our bodies can repair quite a number of injuries very well. However, it takes time. For larger wounds, complete recovery can last many weeks. Why is this time so long, what is the most important ...
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Why do some cuts leave scars, while others do not?

Last year I got a moderately-deep cut on my finger, and it left a scar. Six months later, the scar is still there. On the other hand, I've had lots of other cuts on my fingers, though none have left ...
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Kinesiology Tape Benefits

Recently, kinesiology tape has become popular, especially in CrossFit. I have also noted its' use in the NFL, and I want to say Tennis as well. What beneficial effects does this tape offer our bodies ...
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Lost Ability to Regenerate Body Parts during the Transition from Amphibians to Mammals

Why have higher-order animals lost the ability to regenerate body parts during evolution? Wouldn't it be better for survival? What is the evolutionary theory behind it?
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Healing rate of cut while suffering from a cold

I recently cut my finger fairly deeply with a box cutter and had to have it stitched. During the healing process I contracted a strong cold/mild flu (a sore throat and runny nose with a high fever, ...
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Why Do Healing Wounds Feel Warmer To The Touch?

I fell over on my bicycle trying to avoid running over a rattlesnake, and ended up badly skinning my knee. It immediately began to bleed, but soon clotted. It has been 2 days now and it has formed a ...
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Do teeth have the capacity to heal?

Could a cavity in a human tooth "heal over" or possibly fill back in?
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Why is the human body able to repair a broken bone and not a heart muscle?

The human body can repair skin/organ laceration, fractures, even repair nerves - albeit the duration and rate of recovery differ. Why can the heart muscles not repair themselves?
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