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A chronic condition in which the heart doesn't pump blood as well as it should. Use this tag in questions related to such conditions or about its study.

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Was Dr. Livesey's treatment a valid one in the Treasure Islands?

Here is that incident from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, where Billy Bones had a 'minor' heart attack or a stroke (according to R.L. Stevenson). To give a little background about Billy ...
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Definition for different arrhythmia

I am wondering if there is an organization, a document or a research that standardize all the rhythms? Such as describing how long should the ECG be flatline to be considered as asystole? The rhythm I ...
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ECG detection using minimal number of electrodes

Disclaimer: Hello, I'm someone from an electrical engineering background, so this question may sound dumb. I wish to make a wearable ECG monitoring device for arrhythmia detection. Since the device ...
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Why are veins not blocked by plaques?

In my textbook, it is written that atheromatous plaques block the artery. This leads to heart attack and and heart failure. But my question is why do the plaques only block arteries and not the veins? ...
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Heart failure and pleural effusion

Why does pleural effusion usually occurs in the right hemithorax in acute heart failure? Could someone explain the mechanism? Thank you.
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What's Incomplete atrioventricular heart block (AV)? [closed]

This is unclear for me and I can not understand differences between complete and incomplete atrioventricular heart block.also I want an electrocardiograph of incomplete atrioventricular heart block.
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What is the effect of persistent hypothermia on cardiac performance?

I define persistent hypothermia in this thread about the mechanisms of persistent hypothermia. The Graph of Katzung et al. in Pharmacology about Heart Failure: I am thinking which parts here are ...
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