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Questions pertaining to the order of insects that include true bugs, stink bugs, shield bugs, assassin bugs, bed bugs, cicadas, aphids, scale insects, leafhoppers, and planthoppers.

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Found lots of these insects on my study desk today. What are these? [duplicate]

I came home today, switched on the lights and saw many of these running around my study desk. Any help in identifying these little insects? The picture is zoomed in so it doesn't really do justice to ...
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What is this insect

This was found in my house in florida
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Identification: Stinging walking/flying skin cells

Here I was, sitting in the veranda, minding my own business. Kids were playing outside, and I wasn't in charge of watching them. While browsing my stack overflow feed, I felt a pinch in my left arm. ...
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Insect identification - Oregon

Western Cascade forest, in a small clearing in the grasses. Possibly related to leafhoppers? Looks a little bit similar, and it was able to jump quite well. The last pair of legs are arranged the same ...
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Insect identification request

I live in France. I've just found several (8) of these in my living room, close to an oak cupboard and my Christmas tree, a cut Abies nordmanniana (supposedly grown in France). Their body is around 5 ...
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Identification of an insect from midwest US

I have been seeing them more and more frequently indoors. I am currently in the Midwest United States, weather has been unusually warm for December, and there are many trees nearby. Can someone ...
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Hemiptera sp preimago?

Which species of Hemiptera is this preimago, seen in 2015 in Rome?
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Insect ID, Maharashtra, India

could someone please identify this insect? This photograph was taken in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India, near the town of Mahabaleshwar. Hemiptera was about as far as I could get using other ...
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What is this insect that has invaded my home in Texas?

After the recent floods in central Texas this past weekend I noticed my that bedroom has suddenly been infested with these small insects that have climbed in through the window. Previously, the hole ...
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What insect is in this photo?

Found in Russia, in the kitchen. It is about 1–2 cm length.
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Identification of an Insect (Hemiptera)

I found a a few of these guys on my composter, so they could have easily been eating bugs or decaying organics (or both): To me it looks like a stink bug with oversized legs, not like the ones I'm ...
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