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Questions tagged [home-biology]

Applications of biology to animals and biological energy process of everyday life. Use this tag for question on biology in an out-of-laboratory/class context. DO NOT use this tag merely because the question is about simple biology.

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0 answers

Which mold species are these?

A friend of mine in Los Angeles recently put a petri dish with some mold-friendly substrate under a vent for two days, and a whole rainbow of mold species grew on it. What are the different mold ...
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3 answers

Does the process of making a sourdough starter involve Darwinian selection?

In essence - to make a sourdough starter: Put flour and water in a jar, and leave it in a warm place overnight Divide the remaining mixture in half, throw out half, add half as much flour and water ...
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Why do ants raid the house in summer when it is hot, but in cooler months they don't come in?

Over summer the ants invade our house, including our kitchen. In winter and the shoulder seasons they are not to be seen. I can think of a number of possible reasons for this, including: they are ...
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