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What characteristics identify modified 'plant parts' as the respective 'plant parts'?

I was learning about different modifications in plant parts such as modified leaves, stems and roots from my Biology textbook. Modified parts differ as they are modified for different functions. For ...
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When to decide that two similar sequences are different genes or not?

Working on RNA-Seq data directed me to ask this question. In RNA-Seq jobs, after de novo assembly we have lots of transcripts with different rates of similarity (0 to almost 100 percent) that we ...
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Is there a continuum between analogous and homologous traits?

How closely-related do two species need to be for a trait they share (say, bipedalism in mammals) to count as homologous (divergently-evolved) as opposed to analogous (convergently-evolved)? In other ...
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How is the right amount of nucleotides synthesised during homologous recombination?

I'm reading about homologous recombination in the context of double-strand break repair. It seems like the trick is that around the break, homologous recombination uses a template duplex to generate ...
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Are there any good reviews on the mouse and human conservation in coding and gene regulatory module regions?

I was looking for reviews that deal with conservation between mouse and human of proteins, noncoding RNAs, gene regulatory module (such as promoters and enhancers), gene regulatory networks post the ...
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How do I assess the conservation of a protein function across different homologs, isoforms, biosimilars?

I am studying toxicology where the presence of a "toxic" function is more important (in context) than a protein's ancestry. After scanning the lit, homology modelling seems to be the best ...
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Do homologous chromosomes have same rates of gene expression in a cell?

I was googling around and found only articles related to XY differences in expression. Can you please clarify if homologous genes/chromosomes have about the same levels of expression in a cell or one ...
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Does diamond tblastn exist?

I actually want to use diamond instead of blast because it is faster with small sequences and big genomes, but I actually want to make a tblastn with several protein sequences as queries and the ...
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