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What is the latest consensus on the causes of sexuality?

In 2019, scientists concluded that there is no gay gene. Epigentic markers of homosexuality have been disproven. The Exotic becomes Erotic Theory is an ancient decrepit idea that holds no water. Yet, ...
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Alan Turing was treated with estrogen-analog, though he was gay. Shouldn't it actually increase his female-like desires?

Alan Turing was a great mathematical genius of all the time, as well was a homosexual-male. However, the biography of Alan Turing on Wikipedia ( Permalink ) tells that : Turing was convicted and ...
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What is the Genetic Cause of Homosexuality? [duplicate]

So, I'm just wondering about this because I read the following in my Biology textbook about fruit fly genes: "Normal male and female flies express distinct forms of the fru gene. When females are ...
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How significant is the genetic component of homosexual behaviour?

From some basic googling, I found that nobody has ever proven that people are born gay and that environment plays a great part in homosexuality. I wish to know if there is a genetic component to ...
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Is homosexuality an adaptation in humans?

Homo sapiens have menopause - as some other mammals (e.g. some Cetacea) - a phenomenon where older females live for decades after the end of their own reproduction. Perhaps homosexuality, that looks ...
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Can animals, like monkeys, be homosexual?

I heard that some monkeys can be homosexual? a friend of mine was saying that he saw a male monkey having sex with another male monkey in the zoo, I honestly didn't believe him, I think he just got ...
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31 votes
7 answers

How can homosexuality evolve despite natural selection?

I would imagine that the answer to this question would be population control, especially since even if one sibling is homosexual this does not necessarily mean that the other siblings will be too.
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