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Radiocarbon dating tooth from living person

Would it be possible to use radiocarbon dating on a tooth, lost by a person while they were still alive, to determine that person's birth year? Imagine an adult who loses a tooth for whatever reason ...
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Is it possible to plant tardigrade DNA into a human? What would happen even if?

So I have been reading a WEBTOON (A distant sky) and the 2 mcs have tardigrade stem cells in them which gives them the abilities tardigrades have. I am aware that the story is obviously fictional, but ...
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Determining the Length of DNA in a Human Spermatozoon

Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to solve a problem related to DNA length in human spermatozoa and could use some guidance. The problem states: “The DNA of one human spermatozoon contains 10^23 ...
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Average surface area of the outer portion of a human skull

I tried Google. I tried Bing. People don't seem to measure the surface areas of skulls much. I was only curious before. Now I need to know. I don't really wants to know about the face of the human ...
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Minimum conditions for human life

I don't know so much about biology, my strengths it is in physical science and mathematics. Well i like rifle shooting, I don't hunt, i think that is cruelty and coward. In some conditions of temp,...
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Does all CO2 from the blood leave the body through the respiratory system?

I know that the primary way that CO2 leaves a healthy human’s body from the blood is by diffusing into the lungs during gas exchange and then being exhaled. Is there any other way in which CO2 from ...
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Why haven't we cured the common cold yet?

Researchers think they’re close to a cure for the common cold, but they first need to solve a complex problem that’s perplexed scientists for decades. Polio, smallpox, hepatitis A and B are all ...
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What is the latest possible point during a pregnancy when a fetus can merge with another fetus?

Background A Chimera is an organism that is composed of two or more zygotes. There are several documented incidences of this happening in humans as shown in the cited link. Since chimeras primarily ...
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What's known on genetic factors that explain behavioral differences between human males and females?

Long story short: women are from Venus and men are from Mars. But how much of the differences arose from evolution and how much of it comes from Venusian and Martian cultural differences? Jokes ...
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