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When to clean out a bee house?

I have a bee house which seems to be very popular... I have noticed that a hole can become vacant and then filled again within half a day. Now, it's been up a few years and I don't necessarily pay ...
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Why would it be unsafe to eat spoiled, but heated, food, but safe to drink spoiled, but chlorine purified water?

To my understanding, spoiled food is not supposed to be consumed even after cooking it, since the heat may eradicate germs, but their toxines may be heat-resistant and thus still active. However, ...
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Can birds pass diseases to humans through contact surfaces?

My friend asked me the following question. She has a pigeon nesting on her window and the pigeon often touches the window, and my friend also sometimes touches the window (e.g. open and close it). The ...
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What would sanitiser fail to do that detergent and warm water would do in cleaning glasses frame that isn't 'visibly soiled'?

Update (from comment): It's certainly possible that the manufacturer had that in mind when making their cleaning recommendation, but I'd like to think they would specifically warn against it if it ...
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Is this a bedbug? (with picture)

I had some potentially infested clothing (and shoes) in a bathtub, and just after I bagged them to wash, I spotted this little fellow running away. I put it in a plastic food container and snapped a ...
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What concentration of hydrogen peroxide kills mold?

There are numerous articles online which claim that household 3% hydrogen peroxide can kill mold growing on household surfaces, yet I haven't managed to find scientific studies that show that. My ...
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Hand-washing resistant bacteria. Will they evolve one day?

I know that soap kills bacteria by dissolving their membrane. But it is not 100% effective. A small portion of bacteria which survive replicates and I have to wash my hands again. Will this cycle ...
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How effective is it to rinse fruit, lettuce, tomato, ... with water?

The general rule I've seen stated is that to get rid of some nasty bacteria, one should rinse fruit and vegetable under running water before using them, especially if eaten raw. Most likely the ...
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Cleanliness of cast iron never cleaned between meals

Cast iron cookware has unique benefits. One difference between cast iron and most other cookware is that many people advocate for not cleaning it with any soap between uses, because the soap can ...
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Can 3% hydrogen peroxide be used as effective disinfectant and antiseptic?

I was curious to see whether 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used as antimicrobial and virucidal product for daily use in home. There are several disinfecting products in the market claim that use of ...
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Why don't animals need filtered water? [duplicate]

Almost 10 years back when I was a kid, we had a picture in our school text of wild buffaloes drinking water from a river - which was visibly muddy. I asked my mother of why we need to drink filtered ...
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Comments on Experimental result regarding Anti-Bacterial soap

After using soaps, we rinse our hands with water. Do bacteria from the water attach themselves to our hands again? If we wipe our hands to cloth after washing our hands, do bacteria from the cloth ...
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Detecting Calcified stones and cracks in tooth

I had a dental problem when my first molar broke some months ago and after some decay and pain I am undergoing a dental treatment. The doctor was performing a root canal and kept on talking about ...
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Can germs develop surfactant resistance in a harmful way?

Germs can develop antimicrobial resistance. It is a problem serious enough to deserve an FAQ page on the WHO website ( But how about surfactant ...
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