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region of the brain lying below the thalamus and making up the floor of the third cerebral ventricle, which secretes many neurohormones. This tag can be used in questions related to structure, function or regulation of/by hypothalamus and/or the neurohormones associated with it.

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What makes humans feel cold?

I have seen various sources talking about the effects of oestrogen on temperature: all of them agree that it makes you cold but they seem to explain the reason differently. One states that oestrogen ...
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What allows the hypothalamus to detect a lack of thyroid hormones?

On the website it is written: "If there is insufficient thyroid hormone available for the brain, this will be detected by the hypothalamus and thyrotropin-releasing hormone ...
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Role of the Hypothalmus in the control of Blood Sugar

In homeostatic regulation of blood glucose, the receptor and effector is the Pancreas, but how does the control centre — the Hypothalamus — connect and link into this process?
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Insulin and leptin action on Anorexigenic Neurons in Hypothalamus?

Receptors for Insulin are present on liver, adipose tissue and muscles. In addition, there are Insulin Receptors present in arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus, which influences anorexogenic neurons ...
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Does hypothalamus regulate posterior pituitary gland?

We have the hypothalamus-anterior pituitary-endocrine axis, but is there a similar chain of command for posterior pituitary gland such that oxycotin and vasopressin are regulated by some tropic ...
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Hypothalamic breakdown and effect of temperature on membrane lipids

I'm in my last year of high school and doing a research assignment on thermoregulation. In the excellence level exemplar for the standard, a student made the statement: Once the body's internal ...
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Does Sympaticus and lymphatic circulation cause feeling of thirsty after short shower?

I have been reading blogs, Guyton and Pocock about what triggers the feeling of thirsty. I am not convinced that is the fact of warm water time is short so not much water lost Assume that the water'...
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