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Potential obstacles to growing nanoelectronics within living cells? [closed]

Say there was a nanotechnology allowing to "grow" and wire up electronic components/sensors measured only a few nanometers in cross-section, though spanning in length across microns. Say ...
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Where does Embryo Implantation occur? [closed]

Where does the embryo get implanted? If it is in the uterus side wall, why is the embryo shown hanging from top in some pictures?
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Material(s) That Tissue Can Grow Into And/Or Not Be Rejected?

I once watched a special on Dr. Roger Leir, a doctor made famous for removing supposed ET implants. Whether they were as such or not isn't important for this question. What is important is that he ...
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About a mechanical aid to the heart

I saw a news story a few years ago (I think) about a girl with a poor heart having a device implant that took over only some of the functioning of her heart ( I think they called it a piggy-back ...
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Some trophoblast excreting digestive enzymes in implantation

I found this paragraph in my study materials about implantation Original Simplest trophoblast excretes trypsin related substances and embedding consists of 3 stages: The blastocyst (...
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