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Shannon diversity index: Pi relates to all found species, or number of species by site?

I am trying to dig into Shannon's species diversity index to compare the species diversity between different sites. For this, I need to calculate the 'relative abundance of species within the ...
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Land recultivation? Land revegetation? Land reclamation? Land rehabilitation?

I'm translating a Russian text about the recultivation (рекультивация) of land formerly used for open-pit mining. The process of 'land recultivation' in Russia involves three general stages: ...
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Why are there relatively more predators on the land than in the oceans? [closed]

Our biology teacher told us that among worse conditions one of the reason that intelligent life had actually evolved on land is that there is a more important selective pressure due to the bigger ...
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Does leaving land alone actually help nature conservation?

I like nature conservation - the idea of creating protected areas where nature lives on its own and wilderness is "created" like that. Is is possible to raise the natural value of land only by leaving ...
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Distance to source populations and/or environmental gradients?

How do you disentangle the effects of distance to source populations and environmental gradients when the environmental gradient occurs in the same direction as the source population? For example, ...
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Mechanisms and Assumptions of the Species-Area Realtionship

I would like to choose a model to use to describe a species area relationship based on plant species richness data that I have collected. Rather than choosing the power model a priori, I am ...
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Will bark-beetles infest the Methow Valley?

What is the Methow Valley (esp. Winthrop, WA) area's susceptibility to bark beetles? Did the 2014 Carlton Complex wildfires increase the vulnerability due to the large numbers of dead, dying, and ...
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How should species density be calculated for a clumped distribution?

Lets imagine 5 plots of different size are sampled for a target species: ...
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