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A genus of retroviruses with a lengthy incubation time, in particular HIV. Commonly used as DNA transduction agents in animal cells.

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Why am I losing much more vector than insert DNA during RE cloning?

I've been cloning some inserts into a lentiviral vector (pBOB backbone) by RE digestion and blunting ends with T4 DNA polymerase. After these steps, I usually load the digested product onto 0.7% ...
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Purpose of EF1 alpha promoter

Context: I have seen promoters used to have gene therapy viruses target specific cells, so I am referring to that apparent function of theirs. As an example I have seen GFAP promoters used for ...
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Since RNA viruses and retroviruses all have high mutation rates, why do only a few viruses have the virtue of variability?

We have been taught that it's difficult to make vaccines to influenza, HIV and HCV because they lack the proofreading mechanism, hence have high mutation rates. But most RNA viruses and retroviruses ...
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Why does HIV belong to a group of retroviruses called lentiviruses?

HIV is an enveloped retrovirus. Each virus particle contains two copies of an RNA genome. The virus also has a number of enzymes: reverse transcriptase, integrase and viral protease. But, once I also ...
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Lentivector biosafety

Lentivectors are widely used in molecular biology, most commonly to transduce in a stable way a desired gene. These vector system takes advantage from the ability of viruses to introduce their own ...
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Should gene therapy safety protocol include isolation?

In the case of a gene therapy trial where viral vectors are used to deliver genes into mammalian cells, including humans, should biosafety and ethical protocols include isolation of the patient as a ...
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Are some virus loads introduced to human cell but never triggered?

Is there a term or any evidence of phage DNA integrating into chromosomes/ DNA but never being triggered? For example, could a virus that affected Neanderthals still infect human cells today but is ...
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Virus titre and copy number of integration

If I need to preform a genome-wide high throughput screen using pooled shRNA library infection followed by deconvolution by deep sequencing, how would I determine the optimal infection rate at which ...
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How to calculate virus titre from qPCR

I harvested some lentivirus from 293T cells and want to titre the result. I infected 293T cells on a well plate with 400,000 cells per well which I infected with virus stock, and 1 in 10, 100 and 1000 ...
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