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Internal organ of vertebrate species which is important for a lot of biochemical functions including production of molecules, detoxification and production of glycogen.

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Circulation through the liver in light of drug metabolism

I have a lingering question which stems from an answer that I gave to What hydrolyses aspirin within the digestive tract and blood stream? When a drug or any other substance is absorbed into the ...
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Why is there an extended delay before G.M. liver cells are attacked by the immune system?

In this BBC article a trial is described where patients with B-Haemophillia are infected with modified Adeno-associated Virus 8 which contained the genes for Factor IX clotting protein. Trials seemed ...
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How does the human liver regrow?

I understand that there would have to be a portion of liver present to regrow from, so how much liver would the minimum to be able to regrow? By what mechanism does regrowth occur?
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Detrimental effects of fructose in fruit on the liver?

Fructose is mostly broken down by the liver. During this breakdown, the liver also creates fats (by the process of lipogenesis) which over time can get accumulated in the liver and give rise to ...
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