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Internal organ of vertebrate species which is important for a lot of biochemical functions including production of molecules, detoxification and production of glycogen.

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Reason for partially double-stranded DNA of Hepatitis B virus

According to my school biology textbook and also Wikipedia, hepatitis B is the only Hepatitis virus to possess partially double-stranded DNA. I found an image from here What is the reason for the ...
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Why does liver wrap around inferior vena cava?

As shown in the image, the liver wraps around inferior vena cava, which takes blood from liver via hepatic veins. Is there an advantage of having the inferior vena cava closer to the liver rather than ...
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Size of classical liver lobule across species

A classical liver lobule is made up of a central vein and the portal triads. A typical human liver weighs around 3 lbs. , while a typical bovine liver weighs around 12 lbs. I was wondering if anyone ...
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A question about L-Citrulline

I know that L-Citrulline enters in the second step of urea cycle in the liver mitochondria and I wonder if a person takes an overdose of L-Citrulline wouldn't that cause mild hyperammonemia or at ...
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Hepatocytes polyploidy

Why are some hepatocytes polyploid?
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Does liver regenerate quicker if idle?

I recently heard a proposition that fasting (especially fruit-only diet) can improve liver function because it removes the load usually induced by toxins in common diets, thereby allowing the liver to ...
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If the liver can regenerate why can alcohol abuse permanently damage it?

The liver is a fairly unique organ in that it has the ability to regenerate itself even if parts of it are removed/damaged. It is a well known fact that continual alcohol abuse damages the liver and ...
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Septa fibrous in liver histology

I'm scoring liver fibrosis using Laennec scoring system, but i'm so confuse to differentiate between septa fibrous and fibrosis without septa. Anyone can tell me about the characteristic or structure ...
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Hepatic lobules and hepatocytes

"The hepatic lobules are the structural and functional units of the liver containing hepatic cells arranged in the form of cords. " My textbook says that the hepatic lobule is the ...
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What is the conjugation capacity of the liver?

Our liver conjugates 250-300 mg bilirubin per day under normal circumstances but it is capable of conjugating much more. What is the upper end per day after which it won’t be able to conjugate leading ...
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How does the body differentiate between sources of good and bad cholesterol?

I keep hearing "good cholesterol, bad cholesterol" everywhere, and how certain food sources of cholesterol raise LDL and certain other raise HDL. I don't understand how any food can increase ...
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