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Is it physically impossible for a male Anopheles mosquito to bite?

I know that malaria is spread through female Anopheles mosquitos as they require a blood meal to survive and that male ones do not bite and they survive off of nectar, etc. But is it physically ...
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Who demonstrated plasmodium life cycle? Grassi or Laveran

Plasmodium causes malaria which goes through mosquito female anapheles through some of its life stages. But I am not sure which scientist experimentally demonstrated the life cycle of plasmodium. In ...
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Is taking antimalarial drugs a confounder when exposure is "having sprayed insecticide in the house" and the outcome is "malaria infection"

Morning all, I am curious as to whether the concept of confounding applies in the following situation: Specifically I want to know if "taking antimalarials" is a confounding variable. The ...
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Which is the best model organism to implement an evolutionary study for P.falciparum?

I have to study and implement some evolutionary statistics for P.falciparum. In your opinion and by your experience, which organism should I consider in order to take the orthologs to implement this ...
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Sickle-cell trait : Why is only one type of beta chain found in any one hemoglobin molecule?

I was reading a textbook (iGenetics, 3rd edition page 71), and came across the following passage: Homozygous bS bS people make Hb-S, the defective hemoglobin, with two normal a chains specified ...
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How having sickle cell trait would provide resistance to malarial parasites?

It's mentioned in my textbook that subjects with sickle cell trait develop resistance to malaria. I've read a few research papers predisposing involvement of macrophages and papers asserting ...
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Why is Artemisinin Compound Therapy preferrable over Artemisinin therapy with regards to drug resistance?

How does adding other anti-malarial drugs to artemisinin, to obtain a "combined" therapy result in reducing the frequency of emergence of resistance? And it is given in the form of artemisinin ...
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Mathematical model for malaria

The simplest malaria model is as follows: $$\frac{dI}{dt} = \frac{\alpha \beta I}{\alpha I + r} (1-I) - \mu I$$ where $r$ is the natural death rate of mosquitoes, $\mu$ is the death rate of humans, $\...
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Units of parameters in epidemiological model

The simplest malaria model is given by $$\frac{dI}{dt} = \frac{\alpha \beta I}{\alpha I + r} (1-I) - \mu I$$ where $\mu$ is the death rate of humans, $\alpha$ is the transmission rate from humans to ...
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How do sporozoites travel into the human host when the mosquito is sucking blood?

I mean how are the sporozoites able to swim in the reverse direction of blood flow through the proboscis of the mosquito into the human body?
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How long ago did the mutation arise that gives rise to sickle-cell disease?

Is it known how long ago the mutation arose in Africa that gives rise to sickle-cell disease and protects from Malaria in heterozygote carriers?
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Why has malaria only now started to develop resistance against artemisinin?

Why has malaria only now started to develop resistance against artemisinin, considering the compound has been in use for about two millennia in its herbal form in China? The WHO has reported: In ...
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First infection of malaria

As I know Plasmodium falciperum survive in either a host animal, human or mosquitoes. But how does malaria come to infect either of them initially? I am interested in knowing evolution of malaria. ...
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Mosquito vs Human: Swapping the roles

Is there a known mosquito-specific lethal (for some relevant species of mosquitos) virus that you could safely (for the humans) put into the blood of living humans? Is it technically possible to ...
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How Anopheles crop doesn't digest gametocytes of P. vivax?

Background According to my A-level textbook: When Anopheles mosquitoes inject their proboscises and suck up blood from human host of malaria agent, they suck all stages of malaria parasite present in ...
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why are malarial parasites specific for anopheles [closed]

why are malarial parasites specific for anopheles mosquito. why do they need only anopheles, they just need lower temperature to complete their life cycle. all mosquitoes are cold blooded, so they can ...
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Geographical distribution of malaria and tuberculosis

Unlike malaria, tuberculosis (TB) is found across the whole world. Why and explain? I mean why are people affected with TB more than malaria and some say that in cold and developed countries malaria ...
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Can the restless leg syndrome may have been caused due to natural selection? [closed]

Disclaimer: I don't know how much restless the leg has to be, in order to be considered a syndrome. RLS runs not only in my family but also several people in the locality. My hypothesis is that RLS ...
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Why do Kupffer cells not attack malarial sporozoites?

During malaria, why don't Kupffer cells (hepatic macrophages) attack the Plasmodium sporozoites and stop schizogony, thus saving us from the disease?
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Why do heterozygous individuals have increased resistance to malaria?

I am aware that there is such a thing called heterozygous advantage, which is due to the presence of a certain single allele, and that an example of this could be with "sickle-cell anemia". I am ...
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Anopheles arabiensis lifespan and sporogony duration

What is the longest observed lifespan of a mosquito, especially of the species Anopheles arabiensis? How long does it take for Plasmodium parasites to develop and move into the salivary glands of ...
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Does malaria have a reservoir host?

Can warm blooded vertebrates other than humans act as reservoir hosts for malaria parasites? I'm mainly interested in Plasmodium vivax and possible reservoir hosts in the wider area of Europe/ Eurasia....
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When infected with malaria, how many parasites are within a human host?

When infected with malaria, how many P. falciparum cells are within a human host? And how does this compare with the average infection parasitemia of A. gambiae? I can't seem to find a reliable source ...
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Why are many anti-malaria drugs gap junction antagonists?

Why are many anti-malaria drugs gap junction antagonists? My professor recently just mentioned that many of the anti-malaria drugs block gap junctions. i am wondering if this blocking is important ...
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Can P. falciparum and other malaria parasites be cultured and genetically engineered?

I'm not a parasitologist, and I was wondering about the current state of malaria research. For instance, is it possible to culture P. falciparum? Are there techniques for genetic manipulation, editing ...
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Can the immune system stop plasmodium from being active?

Suppose a female Anopheles infected with Plasmodium bites someone and transmits Plasmodium to their body. Can that person's immune system be strong enough that it can kill the Plasmodium before it ...
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Looking for Kelly Chibale's paper on Malaria cure

From National Geographic, there has been a lot of hype on Kelly Chibale's work from University of Cape Town on the aminopyridine MMV390048. Unfortunately, this was from an announcement from an ...
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