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First infection of malaria

As I know Plasmodium falciperum survive in either a host animal, human or mosquitoes. But how does malaria come to infect either of them initially? I am interested in knowing evolution of malaria. ...
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Mosquito vs Human: Swapping the roles

Is there a known mosquito-specific lethal (for some relevant species of mosquitos) virus that you could safely (for the humans) put into the blood of living humans? Is it technically possible to ...
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Sickle-cell trait : Why is only one type of beta chain found in any one hemoglobin molecule?

I was reading a textbook (iGenetics, 3rd edition page 71), and came across the following passage: Homozygous bS bS people make Hb-S, the defective hemoglobin, with two normal a chains specified ...
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Is it physically impossible for a male Anopheles mosquito to bite?

I know that malaria is spread through female Anopheles mosquitos as they require a blood meal to survive and that male ones do not bite and they survive off of nectar, etc. But is it physically ...
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Units of parameters in epidemiological model

The simplest malaria model is given by $$\frac{dI}{dt} = \frac{\alpha \beta I}{\alpha I + r} (1-I) - \mu I$$ where $\mu$ is the death rate of humans, $\alpha$ is the transmission rate from humans to ...
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Is taking antimalarial drugs a confounder when exposure is "having sprayed insecticide in the house" and the outcome is "malaria infection"

Morning all, I am curious as to whether the concept of confounding applies in the following situation: Specifically I want to know if "taking antimalarials" is a confounding variable. The ...
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Which is the best model organism to implement an evolutionary study for P.falciparum?

I have to study and implement some evolutionary statistics for P.falciparum. In your opinion and by your experience, which organism should I consider in order to take the orthologs to implement this ...
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