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Why does my cell subculture have these black dots like appearance?

I tried to subculture cells(hek293 cells) for the first time for a Cell Biology experiment, and here are the steps I followed:- Cell subculture (*the media is a mix of 10:1:0.1 of DMEM:FBS:Pen/Strep) ...
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Is this contamination, debris?

I have been culturing SVG cell lines. This line was obtained as a live culture from another institute and was delivered by mail. After subculturing , I saw some particles, and I do not know what they ...
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What is the difference between an immortalized human cell line and a cancerous cell line?

Many cell lines (like CaCo2) are derived from cancerous tissue, and hence, like any other tumor cell, they have an infinite replicative potential. However, many cell lines like HaCaT cells are not ...
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Single-cell subcloning of BV-2 cells?

I am trying to knock-out genes in BV-2 cell line. However, the majority of protocols require cell subcloning and expanding. I tried to subcone these cells and grow clones in DMEM+10% heat-inactivated ...
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In plasmid-based transient transfection of mesenchymal stem cells, do I have to select for transfected cells and verify GOI expression via a reporter?

I am transiently transfecting mesenchymal stem cells with a mammalian plasmid-based expression vector that does not contain any mammalian selection marker and also the gene of interest will be cloned ...
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Is it possible to cultivate cheek epithelial cells in a non-CO2 incubator?

CO2 is important for maintaining constant pH in cell culture. Unfortunately, I do not have access to such incubator and buying a new one is expensive. I found a cheap incubator online, but it doesn't ...
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