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Questions tagged [materials]

Questions related to reagents, supplies, equipment and any other materials used in biological study.

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bunsen vs meker for best sterile field [closed]

I need one bunsen and i have a friend that sells me a bunsen-meker burner. I see that bunsen-meker burners have more flame diameter, so should have more diameter of sterile field, but i dont know XD ...
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How do I calulcate the amount of concentrated stock solution to add to get the correct dilution?

For example, how much loading buffer (6X) do I need for my PCR reaction with a volume of 25 μl? What is the general way to calculate it?
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Is there a reliable source for storage and stability of reducing agents like DTT?

Reading the literature on DTT, one is confronted with a confusing mass of papers; some claim that a 1M solution in water is stable, other papers say it is not. I use the reaction with DTNB to show ...
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Opening coverslip package

I feel pretty silly for asking this but I don't want to damage these coverslips. I just ordered a 100ct box of coverslips and see no way to open them without destroying the container they are in. How ...
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Is autoclaving sucrose solution necessary?

I use 10% sucrose solution to feed lab mosquitoes. Until now, I mix sucrose in autoclaved water and use it directly for feeding mosquitoes. Is it necessary to autoclave the sucrose solution itself ...
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Are there any alternatives to the Epicentre product Plasmid Safe?

I need to remove any traces of linear DNA (both single and double stranded) from a ligation reaction while keeping circular DNA intact. Up to now, I have used Epicentre's Plasmid Safe to do the job. I ...
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What is the best solvent for Mutagen X?

Many solvents can be used for mutagen X (3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-5H-furan-2-one), however, long-term stability is not specified. Which would be the best solvent for long-term storage? ...
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What do we call this adjustable platform used to ensure that something is positioned strictly level in a lab?

This is an adjustable platform. Such a platform is used, for example, to make sure that a gel electrophoresis cassette is level relative to the earth. A passage in a procedure description which I'm ...
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Help with preparing Congo Red TSA

So I want to make Congo Red TSA. My instructor gave some hints but I still have some questions: I start by making two stock solutions: 20 mg/ml of congo red and coomassie in two different falcon ...
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Why is EcoRI supplied with a unique buffer when it is allegedly 100% active in universal buffers?

Thermo packages a unique buffer with EcoRI: 50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5) 10 mM MgCl2 100 mM NaCl 0.02% Triton X-100 0.1 mg/mL BSA However, they also list their EcoRI enzyme as 100% active ...
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Cell dye in red fluorescence spectrum

There are some cell dyes available for stianing cells intracellularly / membrane. I am aware of other channels (CFSE \ PKH26). But I want to stain cells for flow cytometry with a 'red' dye. I have ...
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Could a biological process organically build solid metal "organs"? [duplicate]

Human ingenuity has made great use of metal tools. But are there any known, or potential, biological processes that might produce sizable solid metal objects like how for example skeletons and shells ...
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Lab marker for labelling cell culture plastics?

I am a lab manager trying to ask other lab biologists what brand/make of markers their labs use for labeling tissue culture plastics, which need to be repeatedly wiped down with 70% ethanol to ...
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Where can I get fungal extracts?

Does anyone know how I can get fungal extracts from fungal isolates? I have isolates in PDA slants and I'm gonna need to get their respective extracts to impregnate in sterile discs. I'm a novice in ...
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What kind of detergent should I use in cell culture laboratory for cleaning purposes?

I work on establish a cell culture laboratory in the company where I work. All equipment are new and I want to clean lab before I start to work with cells. Is there any special detergent for cleaning ...
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Ideal lab glassware cleaner for molecular biologist

I'm using Alconox powder detergent to clean my laboratory glassware, the powder is a pain to store near the sink and to use. Would like to make a concentrated liquid to use in its stead. I have ...
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What is a good non-fluorescent DNA dye?

Can anyone suggest a dye which specifically targets DNA, but is not fluorescent? We plan to mark DNA before observing it with RAMAN-Spectroscopy. Because of the weak signal, even a low emission would ...
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