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Tag for use on questions related to the regular natural change that occurs in the uterus and ovaries that make pregnancy possible.

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What is the actual mechanism of the birth control pill?

I've been trying to figure out through online sources (I don't own any medical textbooks) what the exact mechanism behind the birth control pill (henceforth "the pill") is, and I am often ...
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Why does oestrogen go from inhibitory to stimulating LH/FSH?

Typically in the menstrual cycle, oestrogen is released from the follicle. The oestrogen goes on to the hypothalamus to have an inhibitory effect on releasing more GnRH and LH/FSH. However, when all ...
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Is menopause a design or a degradation?

Does menopause appear to be a designed or an accidental phenomenon? We might say it is "designed" if there is a biological process that triggers it. Like menarche, where something genetic ...
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Why is the process of releasing gametes in females different from that of males?

In context of humans, males produce sperms, store them (for few weeks? then regeneration?) and ejaculate them "on demand" but females can not do that. Females have an almost fixed pattern of ...
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When does LH surge actually occur?

I’ve seen many textbooks saying that LH surge occurs in the Follicular phase while others say it occurs in the Ovulatory phase. I’ve tried googling this, only to end up knowing two things: 1) It ...
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How can the symptoms of ovulation (pms or pmdd) occur if one is menstrating? [duplicate]

Even if your period is lasting overly long. Wouldn't starting to ovulate end menstrating?
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Why clotting does not occur during Menstruation

As we know when we get injured our body's clotting systems stop the bleeding. So why does it take days for menstruation to stop ?
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Menstrual cycle and luteinizing hormone (LH)

What is the effect of increased concentration of LH on the follicle at the start of the menstrual cycle? I know that increased levels of FSH at the beginning causes follicles to mature and release ...
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Why doesn't ovulation occur in both ovaries simultaneously?

I know that in human body ovulation takes place at only 1 ovary every month. But development of a follicle depends on FSH levels in the blood, and since both the ovaries are exposed to the same blood ...
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What is the volume of menstrual flow in non human hominidae?

I'm looking for reliable data related to menstruation in animals, with especial focus on apes. I have found that some articles and cientific studies point that only chimpanzees have copious ...
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Why do the hormones FSH and LH decrease when the follicle is maturing and does size of follicle change during menstruation phase

There are three phases in menstrual cycle. In follicular phase of menstrual cycle, the level of FSH and LH would rise because they would stimulate ovarian follicle to mature. However, when I check ...
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Does TSH and Growth hormone have any role in menstruation?

Actually, I came across this on a mcq (multiple choice question) exam: Name the hormone which has no role in menstruation: A. LH B. FSH C. GH D. TSH (only 1 correct option) Both FSH and LH have ...
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Polar bodies in females

What is the fate of first and second polar bodies formed during the menstrual cycle in human females? Do they degenerate? Does any other mammal also produce polar bodies?
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How to measure GnRH in menstrual cycle?

I am interested in pulse frequencies of GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) in the menstrual cycle (MC) i.e. 28 +/- 7 days. I would like to study its pulsatile nature i.e. within one MC, not same ...
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