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How do I find genes related to monocytes in mice gut?

My PI just gave me a task where I've got to find genes related to monocytes in the mice gut using single-cell RNA seq. I feel all out of my depth. I've looked up cell expression atlas but don't ...
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Knock-Out (KO) Mice

We have generated an induced KO mice line for a specific gene. However when i perform IF staining I can still see substantial levels of the protein for this specific gene produced, even though the ...
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How quickly could mice evolve to avoid mousetraps through artificial selection?

So, we have a mouse problem in our attic. I set traps routinely to keep the population down. We have taken pains to exclude them by sealing cracks and holes, etc., but they still manage to find ...
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Why are drug dosages so high in some mice studies?

On reading through some research on the effects of certain drugs I often come across staggeringly high dosages such as in this paper: Römer, B., Pfeiffer, N., Lewicka, S., Ben-Abdallah, N., Vogt, M. ...
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Treatment validation on mouse models

I am struggling to set up a project proposal for validation of a known treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer in mouse models. I want to see how SNPs in patients contribute to their drug ...
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Mouse Colony Software

I am looking for a good mouse colony census program that tracks the mice we have in the lab, breeding success of breeders, lineages, multiple user access, etc. Jackson labs has a program that does ...
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Do I need to use the same WT C57BL individual for back-crossing or can I use a new one for each generation?

I've just received heterozygote C57BL mice from COMP and I need to start back-crossing them. I've read many colony management protocols, but couldn't understand if I need to use the same WT mouse for ...
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Primers on Dystonia

Where can I get a good biochemical overview of dystonia? I will be working in a research lab that focuses on dystonia and I would like to not be clueless.
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Protocol for measuring stamina of arthritic mice

I am going to make some mice ill with arthritis. The medicine which I am testing as control is known to cause extreme fatigue. I think I've improved it. I'd like to humanly measure their stamina in ...
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