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Milk is a nutrional white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals to feed their offsprings.

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Does interspecies breastfeeding occur in the wild?

Does interspecies breastfeeding occur in the wild? Say, for example, a zebra feeding a wildebeest, or a bushbuck feeding a gazelle. There is a Wikipedia page on this topic but it only shows animal-...
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Can you use calcein to stain milk somatic cells and observe them through a fluorescent microscope?

I am currently working on an image cytometer that could automatically count somatic cells in milk samples. Can I use Calcein (i.e., C30H26N2O13) to stain the somatic cells? If not, what dye can I use ...
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Do the neurogenic chemicals in mushrooms get transmitted to milk?

In a recent video by SciShow they discussed several studies showing that several compounds in lion's mane mushrooms encourage neuron growth. Do we know if these chemicals get passed into milk if a ...
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What are the possible causes of Lactase persistence?

Lactase enzyme which is responsible for the digestion lactose (a disaccharide milk sugar) normally its production decreases when a young mammal is weaned but mostly Humens continue to produce this ...
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What happens to quality of breast milk when twins of two different sexes are born?

It says here in Scientific American Mother's milk may be the first food, but it is not created equal. In humans and other mammals, researchers have found that milk composition changes depending on ...
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Mammary gland development and lactation

I was reading on mammary gland development, and I found this (1): As a girl approaches her teen years, the first visible signs of breast development begin. When the ovaries start to produce and ...
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What advantage does lactose have as the main sugar in milk?

Most organisms have lactose as their main sugar in their milk. What advantage does lactose give have over sucrose (Which is a common sugar in the plants, so it makes sense for it to be present in ...
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Are casein proteins in UHT milk digestable for infants or toddlers?

As a novice cheesemaker, I have read that Ultra High Temperature prosessed milk is unsuitable for cheesemaking, as casein proteins are denatured and cannot be curdled with rennet. I have verified that ...
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How to tell the difference between mould and condensed milk and sugar

I have had sweetened condensed milk in the refrigerator for some weeks (or months perhaps?). The can was covered with aluminium foil. I noticed some disk-like artefacts on its surface, which are ...
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What do chimpz/bonobos/orangutangs/gorillas feed their babies with?

I just read this question and it made me curious about what a more original baby diet would look like. So, at what age do our closest relatives in the animal kingdom start giving their offspring more ...
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Which mammal produces the most milk?

I'm searching for the mammal species that can produce the most milk during lactation. I Googled it, but it says dairy cattle which biologically speaking is not right answer, because a baby whale can ...
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does Trichloroacetic acid remove fats from milk

I am trying to detect melamine in milk. As a part of preprocessing, I add 200 ul of TCA to 1 mL milk,and after filtration I get a clear solution. Does the filtrate contain fat. I feel I am having ...
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Why don't humans typically drink human milk after infancy?

Does any human culture routinely do this? Typically taboos have some evolutionary basis. So what would that be? Does any mammal drink the milk of its own species, besides nursing?
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Which enzyme curdles milk in human infants? [duplicate]

Following, this question - Do humans produce rennin? Rennin does not exist. And What inactivates pepsin in infants? Rennin exist. What do I know is- Rennin is found in calves and acts on milk to ...
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Are humans the only species who drink milk as adults?

I was drinking a glass of milk the other day and that got me thinking that no other animal to my knowledge drinks milk past their infant stages. One could argue that cats might but it isn't good for ...
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How long do fishes survive in a milk environment?

Suppose you placed a fish, a goldfish for example, into milk instead of water. How long could you expect the fish to survive? Would it die due to lack of oxygen? Is there any other factor that could ...
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Why is it advised that infants are fed mother's milk?

I have heard that mother's milk is preferred over other baby foods, because it contains immunoglobulins (secretory IgA), and other essential nutrients. But why is mother's milk so special? Any ...
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How does Ultra-pasteurized milk compare with pasteurized milk? [duplicate]

I am specifically interested in whether all proteins and nutrients lose their structure permanently because of the very high temperature of ultra-pasteurization. What is the case for pasteurized milk?...
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Why can't men produce milk, just like women? [duplicate]

This might seem a bit weird, but why can only women produce milk? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to our species if all humans could produce it? I can't think of any reason only one gender would need ...
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Are there any non-mammalian species known that lactate?

Are there any non-mammalian animals that produce milk to feed their young, or are mammals the only milk-producing animals?
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What happens during kefir fermentation process?

I’ve found many sources about the positive effects of kefir for the digestive system. However I haven’t found any information about the fermenting process. What is the exact biology (chemistry?) ...
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Does a bigger breast give creamier milk?

It is fairly common for a woman to have one breast larger than the other. I have also heard that, for a breastfeeding mother it is common for one of the breasts to yield a creamier milk whilst the ...
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How do Kangaroo mothers deliver the correct kind of milk to the correct joey?

Mother kangaroos are able to rear multiple joeys (young kangaroos) at different stages of development at the same time. According to Wikipedia, "the mother is able to produce two different kinds of ...
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Does adding milk to cereal make it harder for our body to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the cereal?

I add about 3/4 cups of Blue Diamond almond milk (unsweetened) every morning to a single serving of Cheerios. The milk contains filtered water, and I read that drinking water with food at the same ...
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copper vs aluminum, what's the safest for health?

I'm working on a mini project for a milk dispenser machine, using a peltier device to cool the milk down, I have to choose between a copper or aluminum cooling block (see pictures bellow). But I'm ...
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What is the effect of flash pasteurisation on Maillard reactions or production of AGEs in milk?

Does flash UHTP homogenision and pasteurisation change significantly the extent of maillard reaction in milk compared with traditional batch pasteurisation? If this is significant does this effect the ...
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Why do kefir grains stop growing in soy milk?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains. It usually is prepared by inoculating cow, goat or sheep milk with kefir grains. I would like to prepare the drink with soy milk, which worked ...
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How can pasteurized milk last 7 days?

In Estonia, the product bought from the shop lasts about 2-3 days, in Finland 3-5 days and In Oslo Norway 7 days. The better infrastructure of transportation explains some for Finland and Norway. But ...
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Do cows produce milk excessively?

Do cows produce more milk than it is required for their calves? It seems like cows are able to provide milk all the time (all year around). Is it so? Or do they, like other mammals, produce milk only ...
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