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Why is the nitrate concentration in a root hair cell higher than the nitrate concentration in soil?

For the exchange of nitrates and other mineral ions to occur between the root hair cell and the soil, the root hair cell needs a higher concentration of mineral ions and nitrates than the soil so that ...
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How low potassium can potatoes have due to low potassium in soil?

According to Wikipedia 100 grams of potatoes has 2005 milligrams of potassium. But if there is low potassium in the soil where it grows, it may not be able to acquire so much potassium. How little of ...
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Is chloride necessary for animals?

Of the twelve well-known atomic constituents of our body eleven elements have specific properties obviously relevant to their rôle, making them indispensable. Oxygen (electronegativity and valence), ...
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How is silica transported to the leaves of genus Dendrocnide trees to form stinging needles for toxin delivery?

I just read the NYTimes' This Tree’s Leaves Look Soft and Inviting. Please Don’t Touch Them. which mentions the genus Dendrocnide and that Wikipedia section begins with: Contact with the leaves or ...
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Is it possible to accelerate active transport in plant vascular system using some electronic method?

I am from electronics background and got an understanding that electrical current affect plant growth. Based on this phenomenon, I got an idea but before I formulate my hypothesis and start ...
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What is this white fluff growing in my basement?

I live in the countryside of Western Europe by the beach with a temperate climate. After a period of unusual humidity at 84%, I noted this white fluff in the basement floor: The first picture is ...
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Microbiome Context for Amino Acid Essentials and Non-Essentials

Given what we are now learning about the diverse mix and variance of microbiomes (aka bacterias via human gut project), is it possible that synthesis of aminos can be done by specific bacteria and ...
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Which factors dictate the mineral composition in plants\vegetables?

Here's a table of vegetables mineral composition (one of many), just as an example. Each vegetable contains different amounts of minerals, and my question is why is that, or in other words: Which ...
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Calcium carbonate minerals in marine organisms shells

Calcium carbonate minerals exist in seawater in two main phases: calcite and aragonite. While calcite is the most stable phase, it is aragonite that precipitates first in seawater because of the high ...
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Death from too little salt?

I know that sodium deficiency can be deadly. But why is it deadly? Is it because of your muscles getting so rigid that you can't get something with salt in it? Is it because of your brain not able to ...
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iodine: how did they manage without it in old ages? (People who were living far from the sea)

Knowing that today iodine comes either from fish products or (artificially) enriched table salt, how did people who lived far from the sea survive before (especially during the the Middle Ages)? Edit ...
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Why can't you just take a vitamin? Why you need a healthy diet on top of that?

From what I understand, your body needs certain amounts of vitamins and minerals to maintain health. Why can't we just take enough pills to obtain these vitamins and minerals?
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How are minerals formed by biological processes?

News to me is that about 4500 of the 4900 minerals on Earth have been created by life. What are some examples of such processes? Are some minerals formed inside the human body?
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How does fluoride prevent tooth decay?

Fluoride is a common active ingredient in tooth paste to prevent dental caries. It is also added or removed from the water supply in some communities for the same reason, but in children only. My ...
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