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the process of measuring the external shape and dimensions of landforms, living organisms, or other objects. Use this tag with questions regarding such measurements as defined above and their study.

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Is there a published calibration between footprint measurements to body length in moose?

I am in the early stages of designing a study involving a moose (Alces alces) population. An often-true heuristic is that body parts of an animal monotonically increases in size. There likely exist ...
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Where to find morphometric data for fish?

I need data regarding the aspect ratio for caudal fins of different Elasmobranchii. It should be some easily retrievable information but apparently fishbase doesn't have this type of data for many ...
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How exactly is the sunflower seed pattern calculated?

I came across this and the rotation simulator just below the first section says to type in a number for each rotation. But, it ...
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How to incorporate size data with shape in stereographic morphometrics?

This may be an extremely simple point that I am missing, but how are you supposed to know the exact size of a structure being analyzed in three dimensions? When doing two dimensional morphometrics, ...
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Why does Stereology use Systematic Random Sampling?

I am a student of Neuroscience and in all my textbooks and lecture notes it is written that in Stereology, Systematic random sampling (SRS) is used to obtain sections. Why it's that and not any other ...
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Anatomical Angle Made by the Fingers of an Extended Palm

Does the angle made by the fingers (excluding the thumb) of an extended palm (as shown in the figure below) have a name (such as the Lovibond or Cobb angle, for instance) ? I have already checked ...
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How far does your center of mass move from stance to stance?

When the human body is perfectly centered, the center of mass is on the centerline around the belly button. However, the human body is not always in this rigid posture. We have many postures that we ...
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How can I measure the curvature of bird's beak on the field?

I'm wondering if there is a standard tool to measure the bird's beak curvature. It seems that a spherometer wouldn't work because the beaks that I'm measuring are not circular but more parabolic. ...
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