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What is sigma factor PvdS?

I am using MEME suite tool for de novo motif discovery and when I use TomTom to compare my motifs with known motif database, I find that my genes could potentially be upregulated or downregulated by ...
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Meaning of ‘motif’ in molecular biology

I would like to understand the meaning of the term motif as used in molecular biology. In an article in Nature Biotechnology, Patrik D’haeseleer states: Sequence motifs are short, recurring patterns ...
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Questions on DNA structural motifs [closed]

In the recent Nature Chemistry paper I-motif DNA structures are formed in the nuclei of human cells (open access link in LATimes) figure 1a shows "Schematic of i-motif and G4 structures." I'm not a ...
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Motifs in undirected networks

I have an undirected network and I am currently analyzing both three and 4 node motifs in the network. However, I can't find any articles which describe the biological significance of 3 of 4 node ...
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