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Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a radiological tool used to create images of an organism of higher quality than x-rays.

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Contrast Fluids in MRI: Which tissues "glow" first?

I am a bioinformatic and data scientist in progress, working on my Master Thesis about prostate cancer. Now I am at that point, I have a strong guessing, that contrast fluids in magnetic resonance ...
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What are the main challenges for developing imaging techniques for cellular-scale structures?

Small disclaimer: I'm not a biologist, so I'll try my best to write a high-quality, objective question, but please forgive me if it doesn't turn out as expected. Imaging technologies such as MRI and ...
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Effects of a constant magnetic field on the human body (especially blood circulation and ion channels)? [duplicate]

Recently, while searching for the safety of MRI, I read in several places that hemoglobin and iron in the blood are not significantly affected by magnetic fields, so MRI is safe. However, since the ...
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MRI maximum field strength

More tesla = more resolution, is there limit of human body of how much strong magnetic fields it can handle safely which means there is limit to how strong MRI magnets we can use? Engineering ...
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What does +60mm mean in MRI scans?

What do the -30 to +60mm markings mean in this MRI scan image?
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SNR for good MRI imaging

Resolution of MRI can be improved if FOV is reduced keeping other factors constant, but this reduces voxel volume, which in turn reduces SNR. How much SNR is enough for good imaging?
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How to calculate apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) with example?

Can someone give an example calculation for the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)? There appears to be multiple ways that this can be calculated, e.g. as discussed here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih....
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Acoustic characteristics of thoracic diaphragm

I am looking for any kind of information about the acoustic characteristics of the thoracic diaphragm. In particular, I'm looking for characteristics which will allow to differentiate it from other ...
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Oxygenated hemoglobin in MRI

I have read the following sentence: Because this oxygenated hemoglobin is unaffected by magnetic fields, the response RF signal returned to the fMRI scanner is stronger when there is more brain ...
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Weinman AIF and High temporal resolution AIF difference

I'm dealing with MRI DCE maps. Actually I need to find such parameters as the transfer constant $K^{trans}$ and rate constant $k^{ep}$ according to the two-compartment model. Mathematically, this ...
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What is the limit of time resolution in fMRI?

I was reading about a few studies on estimating functional connectivity between brain areas using fMRI signals. However, as far as I know that fMRI has a very poor time resolution, roughly in the ...
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Would exposure to a strong magnetic field have deleterious effect on the human?

This article states of a 25T magnet, ".. If are ever caught in one of these devices, let’s just say you probably won’t live to tell the tale." Is the above statement in order? What effect would ...
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