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Questions tagged [mycology]

The scientific study of fungi.

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How do trees communicate in the "Wood Wide Web"?

I read on The New Yorker - The Secrets of the Wood Wide Web that trees communicate with each other through electrical impulses sent through their roots. Through these impulses they can ask other trees ...
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What is Growing on These Tree Leaves? (Image)

I found a seemingly diseased tree when I was out playing tennis yesterday... What is growing on this tree leaf? Is this a disease? If so, is it contagious? I have zero knowledge in botany, but I'm ...
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11 votes
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Is this a plant or a fungus?

It was soft and covered in flies. My guess is fungi. Location: South Florida.
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Is this some sort of fungus?

There is something strange growing straight out of the glass windows at work. They look like hairs, about half an inch long, and each have a white spot on the tip of them, slightly weighing them down. ...
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What are the white eggs growing from a black stem on the Napa cabbage plant?

Are they fungal or eggs? Can't find anything like this in the internet Location: South Florida
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Species ID: Buckyball-like fungus [duplicate]

Previous research A friend of mine shared a link of some beautiful fungi: I was intrigued by the curious critter below -- it seems to have honed the power of ...
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9 votes
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What is this white stuff inside apples?

I live at Vancouver, BC, Canada and I often find this kind of white stuff inside the apples I buy I used to live in Europe (Switzerland) and never saw that before. It very much look like a fungus. Is ...
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How to reduce the quantity of (carcinogenic) mycotoxins in oatmeal?

Like all cereals, oat is commonly (nearly systematically) contaminated by several types of mycotoxin (produced by molds) known to cause cancer{1}. Oat is one of the most infected cereals{2}. Unless ...
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8 votes
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Puffball mushroom species ID?

Found this mushroom today. It's a kind of puffball mushroom and I think pestle puffball but I hope someone can confirm that/point me to other likely species. It was in Central Eastern Sweden (Uppsala)...
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Molds and fungi usually found on book pages: identifying and preventing further spread

I know I can use bleach to kill most of the spores that live on my walls. I know I have to keep humidity below a certain level and temperature above another to prevent the spread of mold. I have read ...
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Why are some fungi poisonous?

There are many poisonous fungi in nature. For example Amanita Phalloides. What reasons could a fungus need poison for? Some species, like venomous snakes, use poison to kill other species as prey. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

When something "smells moldy" what are we really smelling?

When things smell moldy -- it could be clean clothes left in a heap, a damp basement, old books stored in elevated humidity -- they can smell moldy. There are distinct smells for each of these. ...
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What is this mushroom attached to the terrarium with transparent cap and black strips?

I have a terrarium with something black attached to the glass with a whitish green stem. Can someone please help identifying this? The terrarium is outside in the backyard and receives only direct ...
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1 answer

What's the purpose of colorful mushrooms' caps?

What's the purpose for many mushrooms to have colorful caps? Is not it is in their interest to hide as well as possible? Or there are mushrooms that propagate by being eaten, like fruits? Why not all ...
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Why doesn't submersion in water kill fungi?

I have read that fungi cannot live without air. Does a couple of minutes in a swimming pool full of chlorinated water kill them as it would a mammal? I've never heard this suggested. Will they survive ...
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Tiny black mushrooms growing from veggies? [duplicate]

I've found these tiny black mushrooms sprouting from my scallions. I'm in Salt Lake, UT, but the scallions are store-bought, so I'm not sure where they're from or where they've been. Anyone know what ...
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