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Questions tagged [mycoplasma]

Small genus of bacteria that lack cell walls that is a common source of contamination. There are also some pathogenically relevant species.

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Effective Mycoplasma Elimination from Primary Human Cultures

Obviously the best way to avoid mycoplasma contamination is to avoid it in the first place. In our case, however, it is not possible to avoid. We are culturing viruses and tissues out of human nasal ...
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What is the sedimentation coefficient of Mycoplasma?

I have attempted to find the sedimentation coefficient of a number of bacterial species, namely E. coli and a number of Mycoplasma species, but they seemed to be rather elusive in the literature. If ...
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What is Mycoplasma Lyo medium?

Used for instance in this article The role of genital mycoplasmas as pathogens - - are generally neglected by diagnostic laboratories in the United Kingdom, possibly due to the lack of a ...
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Attaching suspension cells to coverslip during mycoplasma contamination detection

I am planing to screen my cell cultures for mycoplasma contamination using the Hoechst 33258 DNA staining method. This method is suitable for adherent cultures. Is this method suitable for ...
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Non-monotonic knock-out effects in prokaryotes

Typically, when performing gene-knockout, the experimenters select one gene to remove/replace-with-junk and then see if the prokaryote can still undergo fission. If it continues to reproduce then the ...
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