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The discipline of biomedical engineering of the nervous system. Notable device examples include the pacemaker, cochlear implants and retinal implants.

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The role of PCA (Principal Component Analysis) in recording neurons

I am reviewing the recording methods from an experiment that tracked neuronal activity on the prefrontal cortex of a monkey. From the method description in Nieder, Andreas, David J. Freedman, and Earl ...
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Origin of different brainwaves

I'm creating a project in which I can measure brainwaves (more or less like EEG). Since I'm not a medical student im having a problem finding the origin or most prominent regions for measurements of ...
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The concept of backpropagation in neural networks actually occurs in the brain?

I am aware the Human brain has many functionally distinct components, but let us specifically consider the Human visual cortex: could Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) be "trained" (through, e.g. ...
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How does current delivered by a neural stimulator propagate in the brain?

I have been trying to find good literature on how a stimulus current propagates through a medium that contains both gray and white matter (like the brain). Is it safe to assume that a current will ...
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Spinal cord injury bypass

When the spinal cord is damaged, the connection between the brain and some part of the body may be lost. To restore this connection, researches are considering either: Repairing the damaged area so ...
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