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How do you find the template strand for a sequence where start codon is in both strands?

Maybe I'm missing something very obvious but I can't seem to understand how to find the template strand given a sequence and its complementary strand if both strands contain ATG from 5' -> 3'. ...
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According to an online course, ribose and adenine can bond to make ATP. Is this true?

I recently came across this question in the MIT Open Learning Library Pre-7.01 Biology Course. It is question 2d in Problem Set 1 (archived link). The question, as well as the correct answers and ...
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Mutation profiles for Corona viruses in non-human hosts

In this question Mutation rate breakdown by original and mutated nucleotide for Coronaviridae mutation profiles for SARS-CoV-2 in humans are given. It is a known fact that mutation profiles are ...
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Could p-loop bind fully protonated ATP?

The phosphate tail of ATP binds the p-loop motif, evolutionary conserved, going back to since forever. In the dominant model, the deprotonated hydroxyl groups are complexed with Mg2+, at least two of ...
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Numbering of C atoms of pyrimidine rings in nucleosides

For a presentation of my work I wanted to show a structural representation for dihydrouridine with numbering of the C atoms of the pyrimidine ring, according to this numbering convention. Then I found ...
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Does Remdesivir cause bone marrow suppression?

According to Wikipedia, Remdesivir is a prodrug of GS-441524 which is a nucleoside analog. I know that nucleotides are the building blocks of both DNA and RNA, meaning nucleotide analogues that ...
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Mutation rate breakdown by original and mutated nucleotide for Coronaviridae

In a discussion of the mutations S:Q677H and S:Q677P in SARS-CoV-2 it was mentioned that the mutations leading to this result are "against the tendency" of preferred mutations on the ...
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Nucleotide Sequence

So i am from an IT and my sis who is doing medicine asked for my help on this question i have no clue where to start actually. Please Help. So the question is: What is the nucleotide sequence for ...
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Stability of RNA including Thymine nucleobase

Does an RNA double strand containing the nucleobase T instead of U has a lower free energy? Or more precisely: There are tabulated values for the change in free energy of the canonical neighboring ...
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How does the position of hydroxyl group in a nucleotide monomer affect the dehydration synthesis of nucleotides?

In dehydration synthesis of nucleotides, the hydrogen atom from the 3' carbon on the deoxyribose sugar of one nucleotide reacts with the hydroxyl group on the phosphate group of another nucleotide to ...
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Regarding different nucleotides on a DNA strand

I am not a biologist therefore, it might seem as an elementary question. I retrieved rodent sequences from UTR database: And I know there are supposed to be four ...
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What are the reasons for using oligo-dT instead of oligo-U to isolate mRNAs?

dTTP oligonucleotides are used to isolate mRNAs because mRNAs (in eukaryotes) have a poly A tail which binds to the complementary oligo-dT. However, why do we not use oligo-U instead (uracil)? I would ...
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Does DNA have a phosphate group or phosphoric acid? [closed]

I am confused about the structure of nucleotide of a DNA. I have seen that it has a phosphate group(PO₄³⁻) in some books but phosphoric acid(H₃PO₄) in other ones. Which one is right?
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DNA methylation and the validity of the definition of epigenetics

I am currently studying a textbook that presents the following definition of epigenetics: Epigenetics is defined as heritable changes in gene expression without changes in the DNA sequence. The ...
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A question about dna triplex

Short DNA triplex strands have been identified in various organsims. But, would injecting a single strand of DNA or RNA (with its bases complementary to the bases of DNA found in the major groove of a ...
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Do all humans have an identical nucleotide sequence for certain proteins, e.g haemoglobin?

All humans have the same sort of proteins in our bodies. Take haemoglobin for example. Is the gene coding for haemoglobin in my body identical to everyone else's gene or is there slight variations ...
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flavivirus virus genome, methylated guanine

I'm looking at the sequence of a flavivirus virus genome (mRNA). Kindly see the link MH900227.1. How can I identify the Guanine nucleotide that is methylated in the capping process? Thanks,
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Chemistry of phosphodiester bond formation by DNA polymerase

As I'm teaching General Biology to my college students, I realized that I don't fully understand how a 3-P nucleotide like ATP is broken down to be incorporated into DNA during replication. How does ...
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What is the difference between nucleotide polymorphism (θ) and nucleotide diversity (π)?

In my population genetics book (see reference at bottom) they define them as: Nucleotide polymorphism (θ): proportion of nucleotide sites that are expected to be polymorphic in any sample of size 5 ...
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