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Metabolic processes involving the biosynthesis or degradation of nucleotides.

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Synthesis of adenosine diphosphate? [closed]

Where does the ADP come from? As in before ADP was made from ATP and visa-versa how is it conceived that they appeared in nature?
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Misunderstanding about nucleotide biosynthesis

Some months ago, I asked what was a phosphoester bond, because I didn't really understand the following picture and explanations provided in the "Molecular biology of the gene" from Watson, ...
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How does hibernation reduce risk of radiation-induced mutation?

A recent documentary (skip to 58:20) discusses the possibility that hibernation, if it could be induced in extrasolar astronauts, would reduce damage from cosmic radiation. The obvious reason this ...
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Were Telomeres the Master Key to Abiogenesis [closed]

Knowing as we do now that all manner of complex organic molecules and viscelles/micelles form spontaneously in various environments, from hot vents perfect for basic hydrophobic H-C fatty acids and ...
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Misincorporation of dUTP into DNA?

Uracil, the RNA base, has been replaced in DNA by thymine, (which has the same base-pairing with guanine). However the synthesis of dTTP (more usually written TTP) requires dUTP: To what extent is ...
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