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Why do coliform bacteria smell so bad?

I have done multiple cultures of E. coli bacteria and related species over the course of my education. Almost every time, they had this revolting smell. However, other organisms used for genetics ...
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Why the smell of sweat greatly varies across the body?

Having only two types of sweat glands (eccrine, apocrine) I would expect the sweat odor "spectrum" to be very "narrow". However, the smell of sweat greatly varies between scalp, arms, armpits, groin ...
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The smell of the shield bug (aka stink bug)

Every time a shield bug flies into my room I try to kill it. Unfortunately, they leave a strong smell after crushing them. Whenever I smell their odor, I always wonder what the chemical compound is ...
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Is saturation of olfactory cells able to create a feeling of another odour when it stops?

I'm looking for at least one scientific study about how odours could impact human olfactory system and create some phenomenon that could be loosely compared to retina remanence. As an example, with ...
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What is the molecular mechanism of odorant transduction signaling pathway?

I have read a few papers on the topic of odorant signaling pathway. The following papers are listed as examples. However, I found that there is not a clear pathway representation of the odorant ...
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Why does the sweat of children not smell like adults?

My kids sweat plenty in this hot heat, but they don't smell afterward. I on the other hand need all kinds of deodorant. Why doesn't kid sweat smell?
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How is olfactory acuity rated/measured?

Acuity of one's sight is rated on the 20/20 scale. An online search appeared to indicate there is no comparable 'standard' to rate olfactory acuity. How is acuity of the olfactory system rated?
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