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Why we feel pain in joints only not in middle of a bone? Are neurons present in bones or not?

As if we apply force on the middle of bone , it is no pain in bone but If we apply a force on wrist or any joint then so, And according to me we feel pain only due to the transmission of message to ...
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Are there ontologies for the description of the look of plants?

Are there existing ontologies for the description of the look of plants? I am looking for something formally defined giving me at least or better more information like in descriptions: They are ...
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semantic similarity measurement for cell line ontologies

I have a set of cell line pairs and I want to know to what extent the pairs are similar based on their ontologies. The problem I have is that I have found a Python library called Fastsemsim, but it ...
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Is there a data base, tool or method I can use to find out which of my genes code for cytokine receptors?

I have a list of over 600 differentially expressed genes from my single cell RNA seq data analyses. I want to proceed to find out which of my genes code for cytokine receptors so that I can show on a ...
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How valid are GO (Gene Ontology) terms?

I'm looking for papers quantifying the validity of ontologies such as GO. I'm relatively new to using annotation terms, and I often hear things like "annotation is messy" and "GO is good but it's ...
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Does ChEMBL have a specific definition for what they mean with "Max phase for indication"?

ChEMBL lists various properties at pages for substances. I would like to copy some of the data that resides under "Max phase for indication" over to Wikidata. For that it would be good to know the ...
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